What is what ! what is new…

Hi there, I’ve been missed, I see… Just accessed my account and  saw that I had a spike in viewers and some messages. So of course never let down your audience, as small as it may be.


So, I will go and hit the exact subjects I am comfortable with and take no regard of trying to research it as it might have already been talked about on this blog and you might already know most of what I am going to say, but it will never be enough until you feed the people all they need.

“What is new and how can I get my relationship more interesting ?”

Well,  this is really bad. Let me tell you that the people I’ve counselled were too late in their relationship when they came to me, so… here go’s nothing :

First of all… Any relationship has lots of aspects, yes sex and communication, no, anything else is something that may be overridden or compromised. Sexually, experimentation is the key word.  First of all the reason I might invoke; is that you are old enough and smart to try new things (because you are interested and actually reading this) and second of all you acknowledged that there is a problem.

MOST of my readers have curiosities, smart, interesting people just browsing reading shit…making this page some views. Some write, most learnt and less but not least actually steal content from it.

Someone asked what’s new in sex… REALYY ?! and the question came from a guy.  I find that ridiculous that someone would ask. as YOU fucking PORN is available to anyone that hasn’t restricted internet connection.

But hey ! Why not, ill play along… what have I seen that is new ?

Nowadays (female)  porn stars took it to another level. It may be that the average masturbator got sick and tired of the old shenanigans, or they realised that porn resembles REAL LIFE, is more arousing.

The peak of searches now are :



and a couple of names like Holly Michaels and Mia Khalifa, and a couple more that actually are involved in their play not just play out a script to get to the end of it.

Shit hits the fan, when people stop looking at fake taxi and watching x fucking z while z’s friends are sleeping and so on.

This gives me the impression that people don’t take the whole fucking a porn star idea as one to take (or going to a prostitute), but relying in having adventure and making one, of their own. Sex in public, at the gym, in store, etc. With a gymnast, with a colleague, with a team mate.  On a cruise, in the library in the classroom etc. .

People have discouraged watching porn for what it might imply. But no one looked at what it teaches us. And a broker might agree, trend is always the answer you need to look out and after for.

So why the change in story and novelty?  cause people got sick of boring old school whoring, changing it with real fantasy and extreme fantasy (which I approve).

Like :  FORCED ORGASM. it is a new intrusive though loved search term, which display women getting tied up and being forced by different means to orgasms, over other orgasms ( a type of multi-orgasmic treatment many women would love to have).  DOESN’T SOUND LIKE OBJECTIFING TO ME.

Bondage, some light bdsm and crazy orgasms…tell me this is not what any woman wants, and I will stop breathing :)) .

So next time, please come with some new way we can research this vast and crazy subject, sex has a hold on us, but we can explain it so that we can harvest the best of it.

Till’next time !!




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