“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”


For those who don’t know it yet, that’s Oscar Wild, what a wise man. Why do you think he said that?

It might be because sex today is everywhere, it’s the muse of all songs and the spark of any conflict. It is everywhere and we love it. It comes in various shades, lines and weight; It has diversity and it is really versatile. It’s no discovery that it rules, but why?

Why did religion interfere with how and why people express their sexuality? Why is the oldest governing institution interested what people do in their homes? They even placed it the 10 commandments.

There’s no secret to it, we just like the feeling, how do you control someone when you know what they like ? by rationing, by adding the fear factor to equation and testing their faith.

In aristocracy, the form of control was either you’re ignored by the aristocrats or you’re being heavily punished. They decided that only the virginity of wealthy people’s daughters matter, because the fortune pass along bloodline. So as long as you don’t have a sexual relationship with rich people’s daughter, your sexual life is uninteresting to other people. However if you did, you might face harsh punishment.

Nowadays sex is the common demeanor to all political scandals, all of the celebrity gossip and most of the news bulletin crime, before money and race, of course.

So sex does have the power to change lives, ruin them but also give them.

Another interesting subject I want to draw everyone’s attention is to BDSM and swinging. Most influential people hide in their closet an interesting fetish for BDSM as sometimes the weigh of their status can be forgotten once in play.

Now, knowing that sex is about power, and it has power on it’s own. Even saying that :

“I would like to have all the sex in the world”

 can be changed with

“I would like to have all the power in the world”

Want something even more interesting to wrap your head around. Most beautiful women have anything they want, is it because they are more knowledgeable? smarter?  Or is it because they have in their possession something that may interest most people with other kinds of power like MONEY or anything else.

Most gold diggers are women, men, not so much. That doesn’t mean that all women are or that that’s all a woman wants. But the “beautiful sex” as we call women is the one that controls everything around.  Why not ugly women? why not men?   Why can’t a man be raped?

Just think about it, what is sex to you ? How much power does it have?  Do you have any of that power?

Until next time.



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