Why do I write this ? why about sex ? today’s feature is “arrousing men, has become a must”

There is this popular belief that there is no double standard when talking about sex. It’s already imprinted in girls/women minds that men are in a certain way and somehow women are on the opposite side of the pole…thus lots of misconceptions, bad practices and awful advise get’s propagated thru media, infecting young minds and feeding women insecurities with lies.

Hi, I’m Alex, I own this small corner blog with advice on lots of subjects. The ability I poses is a wonderful though haunting. I see patterns all around, and with the rise of POP CULTURE, patterns have become clearer and more & more unhealthy.

Why ? Cause alongside the wide and large access to internet, the majority of tabloids and blog (such as mine) have come with their own version of the truth, less approved sites have started catching followers and the normal everyday user, is bombarded with uncontrolled information.

Is this bad ? No, but a long time ago people read a lot, reading material was scares and knowledge in most domains was limited due to economy, education, technology and lack of specialists. Today, the most funding go’s into research and innovation, which is great, if you don’t take in consideration the IMPORTANCE OF PRESERVATION !  So bit, by bit we are exhausting, depleting and consuming the resources we need most in order to survive. What is the cost for all this ?  we pay by human sacrifice.

But let’s come back to the main subject. What happens when you give someone to many options without explaining them ? statistics say that the number of uncalculated tries can be the demise of the person’s interest in finding the correct one.

What happens when a person is looking for answers on the internet ? the person get’s too bored, scared or disgusted to follow through. Thus switching to the popular belief, because it is simple and accessible. And so the urban myths and lack of calculated information leads to ignorance, stupidity and mediocracy creating dull mindless zombies chasing one thing and collectively wanting THE SAME THING.

DO YOU KNOW how much commercials affect you? how about POP CULTURE? how about media?  Do you feel like eating something sweet ? wanna fuck ? want to spend some money but you are undecided ?  DO YOU FEEL THE NEED OF DOING SOMETHING BUT DON’T KNOW WHAT ?  yeah….that’s not you being screwy, it’s subliminal effects that are bombarding you with information.

The subject for today (of course) is the one dearest to me. I will be talking about a small but meaningful misconception in the world of LOVE/SEX making.

We all know that PORN isn’t a valid or a scientific source of knowledge. Although frowned upon,  my feeling is that free porn has RELIEVED many men from stupid, shameful actions and encouraged masturbation, MASSturbation (just a little joke). More on that subject here.  But really, the rise of porn was twisted into the idea that it is desensitising men and attacking their lack of knowledge as women were suppressed into submission and silenced even late after their emancipation, freedom of speech and equal rights.

Thus you have lots of generations that never tried approaching sex/love with other intention other than quenching their sexual desires and most women that have never discussed what their partner should or shouldn’t do to make them happy, (like anyone would have been open enough). But that didn’t change too much, see statistics of sexual health of year 2000 where less than 50% of women were truthful about masturbating and less than that were the women that experienced orgasm during sexual intercourse. That’s what lack of sexED and communication does.

So where am I going with this ?

The subject I wanted to talk about in this post was the lack of understanding each sex has and the lack of balance some sexual education site’s, columns and blogs have.  As the research isn’t viewed from all the perspectives, most try to reach out to the largest number of people, overlooking the small, rarer categories.

I talked lots of how to ready the mind and body for an wonderful sexual experience, I’ve spoken about HOW TO and WHAT TO take in consideration when having difficulty in satisfying women (which is important), but more and more I find a new trend of people (men especially) that lack the intimacy from their partners.  That’s why I started with all the talk from above.

Either it’s the double standards or a misconception, because women today start being a bit lazy…not in the : YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING way (though there is that type also) but when it comes to prelude the whole idea is just FOCUS ON HER.  Now this isn’t 100% of the women, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of women forget that if men’s penis is hard, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need touching or attention.

Here is where I want to make a parallel between porn and reality for a bit. In porn the toxic scripts and stupid conversations actually count for nothing, nowadays (it is pop knowledge) that a man will have a longer period of searching the porn they like than the fapping itself and there were some statistics where showing that men usually look at the plot’s start (encounter and prelude) and ending of the clip, making the middle content (lots of positions and twists) indifferent. This has to do with the need of intimacy and décor, play and interaction. NOT THE ACTUALL SEX.

Why do people fantasize? cause that’s the missing part of their lives, they lack the touching and caressing, the rush of desire and equality of feelings.

So explaining why and what is wrong leads me to make in the near future a post about how to keep exciting, how to arouse and play with your partner as I already done that for women, now I will take his perspective into account.

Until next post, LOVE AND BE LOVED !

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