Limb Numbing SEX

 Numbness of Limbs (hands or/and legs) while having sex?

Then his is a perfect article for everyone out there. For some time I have been told that during or after sex the woman I was with had her hands or legs or both going numb. My first thought was: “I’m a CHAMP”, right ? But really now, what happens and why ?

So at first I started replaying everything in my head, what I usually did and didn’t do with all the different subjects I’ve been with to see if there are any patterns, nothing outstanding came to mind. So as you may know my methods, I started asking everyone who I can actually get a real answer from if they have had or heard about this.

Seems that the numbness happens to many girls/women out there. If you never had it, it’s ok…It isn’t because you never had great sex.

The real reasons behind limb numbness in women is mostly because of two factors :

– The first one which in hindsight I am sure that it was the reason is Vitamin B12 deficiency, that may be because you drink too much or don’t get too much sleep or you actually have problems absorbing it from food (meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, and eggs).

– Second one which is mostly common due to HAVING SEX, is the heavy breathing and/or Hyperventilation; which both are practically part of good sex and not as common as limbs going numb.

So, if you add up lack of sleep or heavy drinking with great pounding heavy breathing shags with shallow breathing muscle aching orgasms…you get  A SATISFIED LIMB NUMBING WOMAN.

Thus after all that I said, UK might have the most LIMB NUMBING SEX of all 😉 (wink).

FAQ : Why do you feel it after sex ?

R: Cause when you are in the process you are not attentive at how your limbs feel, just how you feel.

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