I slept with many women !! I’m a fool !


   After being absent for a long period and still AWOL, I wanted to stir some laughs on my behalf and tell you how much of a “STUD” I am.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything hope this will be ok with you.

Back in the days when I was slightly younger, maybe naive, more than sure I had my head in the clouds cause thinking back, I really had some chances to have some great fun.


So, when I was in University, I was alone in my four people dorm room and was really bored. (When I have some spare time, I usually sleep or do uninteresting stuff). This blond from the second floor that I fancied was taking a break from all the Mercedes and Audi driving lads picking her up and throwing money to spark a bit of interest in her eye.

She calls me at 18:00 o’clock asking if we could watch a movie cause she is alone in her room, and doesn’t want to sleep there. So as a gentleman, I said…OF COURSE. (Her body was incredible, her lips were to die for), I was so used with her being with all the “bo$$eS” and all the cool guys, that any attention towards me would have been great.

So 10 o’clock she comes down to my dorm room in her PJ’s. of course no bra, nipples looking at me and in her sweat pants. I tell her that “American Gangster” is a great movie, I’m curious how it is…so played the movie on my laptop.

After not even 20 minutes in the film, she lies in the bed cuddling in my arms, telling me that she is tired.

So I closed the lid on my laptop and went to sleep with her in my arms and her ass pushing against my groin.


A girl from work had us all drooling after her. She was with a manager there in a relationship, so no one was doing any move.

After a couple of years, the relationship broke, she went away but Facebook kept us talking about different uninteresting stuff. At a point in time as any discussion would,with me, the talk turned into a nice storytelling about sex. So what’s next after a conversation about experiences? She starts explaining to me what, how and where she likes doing it…

Every now and then we’d talk at night about sex and freak experiences. Need to mention that she wasn’t living close to me,not even in the same part of the country.

A holiday break comes, and I go home, my home town was really close to her’s. So one day, I call her up asking what’s she doing?

She invites me to her house and tells me I can come whenever I have time…

I arrive at 12 o’clock  (0:00), she invites me in. She was drinking wine, so we started reminiscing of work and other boring stuff. After a long talk and watching her in her short PJ’s, I tell her that it’s time I leave.

(every time I remember this, I just face-palm instantly) She insists in showing me her bedroom….WHAT DO I DO ? I put my shoes on, and only stick my head in her room, and compliment her on the nice bedding, afterwards I kiss her on the cheek and leave…

NR. 3

Still in University, I was staying at a friends house. So this girl I had a crush since I was in college calls me and tells me she is sad and lonely and if I’d like to keep her company. So knowing she was in a dorm…I tell her that I’ll pick her up and bring her to where I am currently sleeping, cause there was music some chilling and only happiness.

She comes and spends the whole night having a laugh, we (me and my friends sang accompanied by the guitar ) and she was feeling really good.

At a point, she says she is sleepy….so I wouldn’t let her go alone to sleep. So she cuddles up in my arms and I go to sleep.

!!!! O_O !!!!

NR. 4

This is actually one mistake I did so many times, I can’t even remember the number. I call it  “Alone in the dark”

In college I was on a dry spell…when, on a quite evening, when I was playing pool with my (male) friends, SHE calls : “Alex, sorry to disturb you, but it’s dark and I’m alone, can’t you come keep me company? ” I told her that I’ll finish the game and then I’ll be here.  OF COURSE !! My mate’s go : “your going to get some” , I stop them saying that “it’s not like that…”

I get to her place so she is happy and I told her that it’s best that she called me and that I am always there if she needs me. (I know a lot of people who are actually afraid of the dark, they usually called on me to help them get calm)

So we go in her parents bedroom, lie in the bed and start watching TV. after 7 hours, daylight came so I wanted to leave…THIS TIME SHE DIDN’T PERMIT THAT…..BUT 7 freaking hours  :)))

These and many more from : “being alone and it’s dark ” to “sleeping” and “walking in the park at night”  which we all know (NOW :)) ) what it means to :

– Alex, come to my place to teach me how to dance;

– Alex, my boyfriend isn’t here so, come and show me some songs on the guitar;

– Alex, I need some paper to draw on (2 o clock in the night)

These are some of the most used lines on me….and there were more signs, I was informed were hinted at me.

SO THAT’S when I started telling people straight on. Whom ever is reading this or has known me better, has had the pleasure of me asking CLEARLY if they want to have some sexual fun. Why some wordplay isn’t good it’s because it may lead you on in making a huge mistake. I really don’t like moments when you get a vibe and it’s actually not what was expected.

In the face of asking one if they want to have some fun, I’m always up to nice and open discussion. But hinting just makes it awkward and dangerous.

An early Romanian post of mine, discussing some of the same wordplay’s that people use :


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