9 Sexual Fetishes

Some of the “what the…” fetishes. I think that after reading this, you are really going to question the reason why is normal not ok.

So an interesting that Tess Baker , a comedian has written this article about 9 sexual fetishes, I’ve never heard about them before, HAVE YOU ?

So let the count start :


1. Objectophilia
Many of us are attached at the hip to our smartphones and tablets, but objectophilia means taking love of objects to a whole new level. Some people believe they’re in monogamous relationships with the objects of their affection, like the woman who married the Eiffel Tower.


2. Autozoophilia
A fetish in which a person is aroused by the notion of seeing themselves as an animal. Now you’ll see foam suit characters at amusement parks in a whole new light.


3. Macrophilia
When it comes to the debate over size, bigger is most definitely better for macrophiliacs, who are turned on by the idea of giants.


4. Infantilism
Many couples are guilty of obnoxious baby talk, but infantilism is on a completely different level. Adults with an infantilism fetish often get off on wearing (and using) diapers.


5. Balloon Fetishism
As suggested by its name, balloon fetishists use balloons as sexual tools and may become aroused by anything from the texture, feel or smell of a balloon. If you thought balloons were just for kids’ parties and the zoo, prepare to have your bubble burst.


6. Agalmatophilia
Those who engage in agalmatophilia are very into the quiet type. They are attracted to, and often maintain relationships with dolls or statues, as evidenced by this compelling photo gallery of men with their dolls (and sometimes their parents too?!) many of whom are anatomically equipped to satisfy all of their lovers’ needs.


7. Hybristophilia
The viral popularity of this summer’s “Hot Convict” (and, more recently, “Hot Convict #2”), may seem like a new phenomenon, but attraction to violent criminals, which is almost exclusively seen in women, is a condition that’s been earning inmates fan mail for years.


8. Kleptolagnia
Wearing a pair of handcuffs is a relatively normal kink, but people with this fetish risk actually getting arrested. They’re aroused by stealing things. In other words, safe sex with a kleptolagniac means using protection and locking up your valuables. Here, a psychiatrist explains how kleptolagnia relates to a similar syndrome, kleptomania.


9. Knismolagnia
Remember “Tickle Me Elmo”? The fuzzy red dolls may have served as erotic toys for knismolagniacs, who are tickled pink by the idea of tickling or being tickled themselves.


Source :  MTV

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