About Germany in 2014

Many of you have seen the world cup tournament, but after all is completed and done…what do we actually know ? besides the results of the cup, beside the winnings and statistics of the games ?

Below I have gathered 3  articles that may give you a perspective on the mentality and humanity of one of the teams, THE WINNING TEAM. Well actually 2 articles and a story made as pictures :


Germans Have Mixed Emotions Over Brazil World Cup Rout

Pride Mixed With Embarrassment Over Demolition of Brazil

German soccer fans woke up Wednesday feeling part triumphal, part embarrassed after their team pulverized Brazil in Tuesday’s World Cup semifinal.

A German performance—and a Brazilian collapse—that astonished the watching world was met with mixed emotions in Berlin and other German cities. Crowing over the 7-1 win felt out of place for many who revere Brazilian soccer. And it wasn’t only heartbroken Brazilians who wanted the German team to stop scoring.

“4-0 would have been enough,”

said Harald Schumacher, a 1980s German goalkeeping legend. “You get a guilty conscience” after inflicting such humiliation on hosts, he said.

At a beer garden in Berlin’s grungy Kreuzberg district, some Germany fans were wincing as their team raced to a 5-0 lead in the game’s first half-hour.

“Nein, nein, nein, not another goal!”

one fan said later as the team came close to scoring for an eighth time.

There were the usual celebrations in the centers of German cities, and traffic ground to a standstill on Berlin’s main shopping drag, the Kurfürstendamm, as fans honked horns and waved flags. But the euphoria was less overt than after past victories—or than it probably will be if Germany wins the World Cup on Sunday.

“This victory is too high,” tweeted German author and journalist Moritz von Uslar :

“Shame. Compassion for humiliated opponent. Quickly to bed.”

Everyone who loves Brazilian football has a mix of feelings,” said Rainer Holzschuh, publisher of German sports magazine Kicker. “There’s happiness for Germany, but sympathy for those Brazilian fans. It’s a bitter shame for football,” he said.

Germany has shellacked top opponents before, including Argentina and England at the last World Cup. But the slaughter in Belo Horizonte was “almost an excess,” said Holzschuh.

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, in an otherwise dry news conference on European banking union, said it was like watching replays of a solitary German goal—except that each one counted. He too felt sorry for a Brazilian collapse he likened to “slapstick.”

Sorrow for a fallen adversary could be seen as a sign that Germans are still uncomfortable about triumphalism. Nearly seven decades after World War II, reservations still run deep here about displays of unfettered national pride, especially if it comes at other nations’ expense.

The 2006 World Cup, held in Germany, was seen as a step toward a more normal patriotism: Young Germans waved the black, red and gold flag with a guilt-free ease rarely seen before.

But watching Brazilian children sobbing on screen during Tuesday’s match fused German joy with pity. “It says something about Germans’ particular relationship with national feelings,” said Oskar Niedermayer, professor of politics at Berlin’s Free University.

“When it’s offensive to others—that’s where we are still very careful.”

Sympathy didn’t stop Germans from marveling at their team’s feats. Fans and pros alike were astounded by the goal blitz.

Schumacher, who watched the game at home with his family in Cologne, said:

“I couldn’t believe it. I thought we must be on Candid Camera.”

The former keeper—not known for taking prisoners on the pitch—said he felt for his fellow goalie, Brazil’s Júlio César, as German players kept blasting the ball past him. “But professionals are trained to keep going, without mercy for the host,” said Schumacher.

Germany can be a tactless guest at World Cup parties. In 2002, it sent co-host South Korea packing in the semifinal. In 1986, with Schumacher in goal, the Germans knocked out host Mexico after a penalty shootout. He remembered thinking: “The people here will be so sad.”

Tuesday’s goalfest broke all kinds of records, including for semifinal defeats and personal career goals in the World Cup. (Miroslav Klose’s 16 is the new mark.) German Chancellor Angela Merkel caught the mood with typical understatement. “I think it almost deserves the name ‘historic,” she said.

Anton Troianovski contributed to this article.

Write to Marcus Walker at marcus.walker@wsj.com

Source : Wall Street Journal


2014 Fifa World Cup: Germany to build training complex in Brazil

Three-time World Cup winners Germany will use a purpose-built training base in Brazil during next summer’s finals.

The under-construction venue, which will be developed by a Munich property firm, will cover 15,000 square metres and will have 60 bedrooms, a training pitch as well as a fitness centre.

The German Football Association (DFB) said it is not funding the project.

A football youth academy and an orphanage will also be built on the site, 30km north of Porto Seguro.

The DFB said the Campo Bahia base is within two hours’ flight of the three cities – Salvador, Fortaleza and Recife – where Germany will play their Group G games at the tournament.

Joachim Low’s team face Portugal on 16 June, Ghana on 21 June and the United States on 26 June.

“Bearing in mind the size of the country and the considerable distances between each tournament venue, it was important for us to minimise the strain of travelling to and from matches as much as possible,”

said Germany national team manager Oliver Bierhoff.

“Acclimatisation and recovery will also play a major role at this World Cup, and our camp offers ideal conditions in these respects.Due to the early kick-off times and the heat and high humidity expected in Salvador, Fortaleza and Recife, we looked for a base where the players could adapt effectively to the kind of things they can expect to encounter during each match.”



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