review on Winter’s Tale

My review on movie Winter’s Tale

Drama | Fantasy | Mystery

  Now, the reason why I am doing this is because I had no time to write or to elaborate any ideas or teachings, and I am full at work, so there is little to no time in writing articles on my blog. So why a movie review ? Two reasons : first is because YOU the nice people reading my blog asked for me to write ON…and the second reason is that sometimes it is nice sharing thoughts and experiences.

 IMDB | Trailer

   Why do I recommend this movie ? The first reason is that it isn’t predictable as many movies today are, it has a keen grip for detail and though being a fantasy/drama movie it really touches the viewer. On another level the actors in this movie really take you into the story and the cast, wow good freaking pick ,like Russel Crowe and Collin Farrell and although he doesn’t appear in the trailer , Will Smith has a small role here too.

The proportion special effects is limited, just underlining the characters roles and the meaning behind all of it makes it a good romantic story. While I was writing this a colleague of mine asked me if I though that was worth watching, as from his perspective it wasn’t that interesting. Well as I said, many movies I feel are really commercial and just abuse special effects and do it for the money. I hope if you watch it,just share your opinion/s in the comment section below.

Have a good one !

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