Equality and liberty of choice !

This post is about an ongoing concern and issue many people face daily. It is sex related but I best be specific about what I am going to write about.

I was ignorant to this subject because of a lack dose of reality, which can be described only as an optimistic version of the truth that I thought existed. It’s not about gender equality but it concerns the options that some people make with their lives. Although there are many who share my opinion, there is still a concerning number of people who pass the line of decency  when they should not, and we need to make people aware that this is a violation of legal and human rights as well as an offense to common decency.

Today I present to you a (short) real story of a colleague of mine, hope that this is going to be useful :

My colleague and her (lesbian) girlfriend were on their daily stroll. They were holding hands and talking when they encountered a man who yelled :

– ” Hey !!! ARE  YOU TWO LESBIANS ?? ”

They continued walking without replying to the male, because it was dark and the person was a stranger. The question was inappropriate and even so, it was none of his business.

So he asked once more, with no reaction from them when he stated becoming verbally aggressive and harassing them as they were doing something wrong.

Now fortunately the man did not come after them but accomplished with his behavior to scare them and to ruin what should have been a nice walk. When coming back home, they told me and explained that there are many people that usually don’t stop and they even get physical.


People have equal rights and benefit of the same constitution.

 Other people’s life choices should not affect or be of your interest.

If…and only if a line of decency is passed,  then a nice and respectful way of telling those people is needed.  I am talking about PUBLIC SHOW OF AFFECTION, which is not OK in any society this concerning Heterosexual couples as well as Gay couples.


If there are religious people that may have a concern that this is a sin, please be aware that more than 1 sin is done by everyone, every single day. Also, there are many gay couple that are actually religious, cause religion is not the teachings you learn is the belief you have for it.

By now scientists are trying to explain better an better that this is not a intellectual choice but more of a choice by nature and gene’s , don’t forget the long lines of gay sex in all of history. Another similar reason may be chemistry and the last one being of different psychological reasons.


This is the most easy question of all. Though it may seem controversial and there have been no tests conclusive enough to underline the actual differences of a child having the same sexual preferences if their parents are gay.

GAY COUPLES should have the same opportunities and rights as any heterosexual couple as statistics show that more than 60% of  couples fight and split up rather than a percentage of 80 to 90% of gay couples. It may be just numbers but it may be that a gay couple is happier and have a serious and harmonious relationship.

How would you like it if people would disapprove verbally about your sexual preferences and choices ?

How would you feel in a gay community if they would jump on you of having a different sexual preference?

How would you feel if people who don’t know you, barging in your business ?


                          SMALL YOUTUBE CLIP

Hope you understand my point of view and  support the equality and the liberty of choice people all around have.  Let us, the people that have common sense and a common courtesy to show others that we are all the same ! 


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