Female Ejaculation/ Juisare

So the other article I submitted was clearly not enough…as many of you decided to “harass” me into explaining better and with more detail, HOW TO AND WHAT happens.

I am a nice guy.  SO…….this is Fete si juisare  Part 2 and in English. So….please say hello female happy place :

So there you have the graphical representation of the female sexual organ (also the reproductive, not concerning us now).

The lesson today is how it is possible that thru manual or penile penetration you can make most women cum and ejaculate.

Above you have the Clitoris and it’s extensions….if your imagination runs a bit wild like mine, it looks like a flying dinosaur (like a flying pterosaurus). Most people think that the clitoris is only the head that’s showing usually under the hood, but it’s not,  it has “wings” as you can see called Crus clitoris and a long body.

Behind the vaginal opening some inches/cm inside on the upper wall is the G SPOT, also called the Grafenberg spot.

So how does the stimulation work as a process (here go’s my corporate process skills into action) :

Wrapped around the urethra tube are Skene glands (Paraurethral glands) these are outside the vaginal wall. Skene glands are sort of female prostate (as this stimulation process can be used in men too) and they are the reason for female ejaculation, also feels really good when pressed. The tricky part is that when stimulating that zone…you also are rubbing the “back head”of the clitoris thus the intense, body trembling orgasms.

the female prostate

So  few inches in -> on the upper wall -> rubbing stimulation -> intense orgasm.


  • that you are in a zone pressing the urethra and this may give a peeing sensation.
  • not everyone has the same amount of Skene glands (Paraurethral glands);
  • not everyone has the same placement;

So it’s not to be mentioned (usually) but I’ll just make sure that it’s out there. The more excited a woman gets…the more blood flows to their genitals; The more blood in their genitals, the more sensitive the spot (and everything) becomes.

I hope this will help everyone who wasn’t to happy with my former post about this and also I hope my BOSS Aurelian will be satisfied to know that I made the second post on this topic.

Stay fresh and sexy, until next time.


Romanian version


Ultimul articol publicat despre Ejacularea feminina (juisare) a fost considerat de multi dintre voi incomplet. Dupa multe hartuiri si emailuri primite ca vreti mai mult, am hotarat ca sa nu mai las sa va descurcati singuri si sa dau explicatiile necesare.

DECI, va prezint aricolul Fete si juisare partea II-a .

Astazi vom invata defapt de ce si ce se intampla atunci cand stimulam cu mana sau cu penisul o femeie si o facem sa ejaculeze.

In prima imagine de sus avem CLITORISUL intreg. Daca va fuge imaginatia cum imi fuge si mie imaginatia, veti vedea un dinozaur zburator (un pterosaur).  Fac aceasta referire ca majoritatea oamenilor cred ca intregul clitoris este doar ceea ce putem vedea la exterior, mini penisul cu gluga. Dar nu este adevarat.  Clitorisul are un corp lung si doua extensii care vin in jurul vaginului pe interior. Acele doua parti se numesc CRUS CLITORIS (in engleza) doua aripioare lunguiete.

Cum functioneaza procesul in a o duce pe culmile fericirii ?

In jurul uretrei sunt aceste glande numite glandele Skene (Skene este doctorul care a descoperit aceste glande), ele se situeaza pe peretele exterior al vaginului. Glandele Skene constituie prostata feminina (iar stimularea acestora are acelasi efect ca la barbati) in acelasi timp aceste glande sunt motivul ejacularii feminine, creeaza un sentiment foarte placut atunci cand se exercita presiune asupra lor.

Partea interesanta este ca atunci cand stimulezi zona cu glande Skene, defapt o mare parte de actiune o primeste si clitorisul interior,deci este un castig pe doua parti.

Ce trebuie stiut :

  Cativa centimentri in interior -> In partea de sus -> stimulare directa a zonei -> orgasm intens cu ejaculare

Atentie :

  • zona presata si stimulata este uretra asta poate da senzatia se a-ti veni sa mictionezi (a te pisa);
  • nu la toata lumea se gaseste in acelasi loc zona;
  • nu toata lumea are acelasi numar de glande Skene;

Chiar daca nu trebuie, voi mentiona un detaliu important. Important unei femei este sa fie excitata, daca este excitata mai mult sange se va duce catre zona pubiana, mai mult sange in zona pubiana, faca ca zona sa fie mai sensibila.

Sper ca acest acticol a multumit nemultumitii si pe cei care erau suparati pe fostul articoldin cauza lipsei de detalii. In acelasi timp as dorii ca seful meu Aurelian va fi multumit ca am scris partea II-a subiectului anterior.

Pana data viitoare  !

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