That’s SO gay…../Ce gay esti !

Back again, with a new post on something that I find a bit presumptuous and ignorant at it’s core. Thought the title attracts the curiosity of women possibly, men are under the microscope this time.

For all manly men with testosterone gushing out their eyeballs and hairy armpits stinking on a 20 m radius, I will kindly explain why and where the difference lies between being a man and being anything else than a man. What makes me the one to judge ?


“That’s so gay” reference:

Something out the history book. I read a lot about everything and when I stumble upon nice quotes I usually write them down…one quote of Albert Einstein says that  “Any fool can know. The point is to understand”; stating that though adding up all experiences and not learning anything valuable from them, it’s basically equal to 0 (zip/nothing).  Something that I can tell you for sure is that in our long history there have been lots of G.G. CASANOVA or Napoleon’s even Cleopatra was know to be able to seduce any man with her beauty, but there has never been a log of  their sexual experiences. Casanova also writing of his life later in his life.

How pinpoint accurate do you think our history books are ? If any man could have had more than 1000 different sexual affairs in his life time (as some stories go about) how could they all be with women, knowing that many influential men were not homosexuals but were having sex with other men as they would not “degrade” themselves. Women were seen weak and good for house chores and reproduction. In all the womanizer romances they had, let’s remember the number of brothels spread all around and the fact that most of these men had finances, how could you asses a person if most of his sexual experiences came from woman who are paid to say that they are satisfied by your lovin…and which would have been the braves to say : “meh….Napoleon….was that all ???”

Also I don’t remember in all my 16 years of education anything remotely close on the subject of ROMAN ORGIES or anything alike. Because every culture has it’s history written or “cropped” to see their perspective on historical facts (not talking about all of history, just parts).

Being a man thus has nothing to do with sexual preferences, I really believe that all male prisoners are men, though life in prison may be a bitch and most of them take dick as often as Englishmen drink their tea, would you say it in one’s face that “he is not a man” ???

One of the common expression or name calling between men is “gay”,  when you are too weak, too agitated, too touchy or even to sentimental you are GAY…..I really think this is offensive to the gay community and also…I know some gay men that would make manly men cry, thus the expression comes from an subconscious fear, hate or disgust for gay’s. Which I condemn !

What’s being a man about ?

Testosterone !!!!  of course, balls and a dick, knowing how to be a gentleman and when to be a brute. Being a man is recognizing that you are afraid but still doing it or not succeeding at first but still trying.


Testosterone is the male hormone that makes a man…the man he is, it is responsible for body hair, muscle and bone structure, voice changing ability AND…….. emotional responsiveness. YES….you read it right !

For example, a really good one.

A colleague and friend of mine is taking male hormones as HE former SHE felt that a mind of a man was trapped in the body of a woman. The point to this is that I started asking about what’s it about and where are the noticeable changes, one that really changed perspectives for me was the emotional sensitivity.  He told me that everything started feeling different after taking testosterone, things would NOT get him mad, and no more emotions were rising in moments when in the old days it would have made him cry.

GIRLS : if you think that men are not sensitive and emotionally cold, it’s actually in their nature. THEY ARE MEN.

Since we came out of the cave, the male species had to impress females by different actions.  The best impact we have over women when trying to impress them is SIZE (not referring to reproductive organs, but can be taken in consideration) either it’s by our mass and growth like muscles, penis, hair, tallness…or by what we own.  Though being rated second would be the brain too…but the sexual appealing don’t need that much brain to do any work for them.  Size always has been a number one and with testosterone along, men are just going to be disgusting, insensitive brutes that need to hunt and to eat, sleep and fuck then take it from the start.


You guessed it !   METROSEXUALS – they need to shop and care for their looks, also needing the approval and compliments from others. One may do his nails, eyebrows, may have all their body hair taken off and have many girlfriends sharing advice. Sounds familiar ?  sounds just like a girl….but isn’t.

For those who are really pissed off on me right now. Would you like a broad shoulder, big jaw, hairy woman with a voice that suggests a pack a cigarettes an hour saying ” DO ME BABY ” ??  – I don’t think so….

What makes you a man…usually nature, but when that backfires, you can always change.

human nature




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