A new series of Emails

From: “Marketer Galore

Hello Alex,

My name is “Marketer Galore” , I saw your Blog and Facebook page and wanted to present you my services. The fees are really small and I can get you there, everyone will know about your blog.  What do you think ?

Fees are :

Social media : xxxx

Website : xxxx

SEO: xxxx

Best regards,


To: “Marketer Galore

Hello “Marketer Galore”….wow your fees are so nice, but unfortunately there I have to pass on your offer. It is not that I am cheap or not interested; it is because the blog is made by me for the people and I do not expect making any money off of it (not blogging) nor do I have resources to invest money. I am just doing this because I really think that some people don’t find the necessary information on the internet when searching for something.

If you have seen, my blog is somewhat organized, I have tags…but not yet ready to “make it out there” , hope your business blooms though !!!

A good day my nice sir.


From: “Forever Lonely


My name is  “forever lonely”. I wanted to ask you for advice on how to approach men. I’ve asked my girlfriends but I really think that some of their solutions either are too slutty or direct and others just can’t be done. Can I pick your brain?

To: “Forever Lonely

Hello “Forever lonely”,

Wow…..I really can’t imagine what your friends would suggest you do…please write me back with their solutions.  For the purpose of my entertainment and so I can rule out anything that I would suggest 🙂 😉

To: “Forever Lonely

Well, now…..that’s new…..may I post them?  ( the answer was NO….so….I cannot share this on my blog)

To: “Forever Lonely

“Forever lonely” all this about how to pick up somebody is really sick and twisted. From a guy that is old fashioned and really tired of all the games, I purpose that flirting is a good way to get things going.  I think that way you can cleverly engage in wordplay and also see if the person is smart enough for you.

I hope that I don’t need to remind you the smiling and the eye catching gaze, the smiling and all the body language to support your thoughts. If you need some references please look it up on YouTube, I’m more than sure that there are plenty of video’s to help you create an idea.

Smart people go for smart interactions, sharing ideas, talking about what you or him like.

Also there’s this myth (by my experience) that opposites attract so…..be careful what you wish for, also  I usually go for people that like kind of the same things I like…that helps further on in the relationship.

Remember this :  Men are simple, they can fall in love even with a smile the only thing you should be aware is that most lie…so just be careful, ok ?

Hope reading from you again,


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  1. i really want to contact you about something.

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