You’ve got mail !! reply

From: “Funny guy”


Hello there. WOW !! I read the responses you gave to the people…I never thought that there is anyone writing to you. Congrats, it’s amazing that you actually reach people thru your small blog. I enjoy reading it and am satisfied of the content so carry on !!

I am writing to you with a small request, maybe you can help summarize or explain for me chemically what happens with your body when in SEX MODE. I know that adrenaline is pumping and that serotonin releases in the body, you’ve actually said it in some of your articles, but are there others we don’t know about ?

Cheers !!


To: “Funny guy


Whooow….hello   “Funny guy” , I’ll just take your words of wisdom as a compliment. Well  “Funny guy” you are right and upon a short and really quick search on the Internet, I found these :

Adrenaline(epinephrine) , Phenylethylamine , Testosterone, Serotonin.

Let’s start with the simple one :

adrenaline – as you know it makes your hart pump faster and that means you blood will rush through your body more making you aroused and sensible. The adrenal glads release adrenaline in the body amplifying the circulatory system  with each contraction and it causes a refractory period in which another orgasm is hard  to get for up to 10 minutes after sex.

Phenylethylamine – is the chemical which triggers dopamine in the pleasure centers of the brain. What is important to know that it PEAKS when achieving orgasm. Ahh nice fact is that it is found in CHOCOLATE !! tasty…

Testosterone – as you may know that it is not found only in men. Testosterone helps you libido and sexual arousal.  More info than this, you might want to search on the internet.

Serotonin – regulates moods, achieving orgasm helps your mental state, if your depressed; you will feel better after an orgasm.

All these are in our bodies and help us feel what we do when having sex, I hope this helps and if you really want to learn more I advise you just to take each one and go and read more and more, the better you understand how they work…the better you will control your body.

Cheers !




From: “wandering soul


Hey Alex,  I saw the post…hope it helped !  I showed my friend the article and said I was crazy.  The next day she came to me and asked me to ask you a question. I told her to ask you herself….but no chance, I understand your frustration. ANYWAYS !!!

The question :

“What should I do to feel good when having sex”- it seems she gets distracted in bed…that’s her explanation.


To:  “wandering soul”


First of all, again, thank you for writing to me; this really gives me a feeling of accomplishment. And great that you promote my blog!!  I praise you!!

As for that, I really think that I addressed a bit of it when I wrote THIS 

This isn’t in my domain, as I can only explain what she could have by theory but a medical advice is needed there.  First of all it may be of mental nature not of physical, but she should rule out the physical one as it is equally important.  I too have female friends that told me they could not be attentive when their partners were on them so I questioned them and this is what I am familiar with.

The people with whom I spoke, told me that they have experienced orgasm before. But different men have just gotten to the point of just boring them in the bed. This was not because they weren’t attractive or they did not know how to fuck, just that their minds would carry away.

Their issue was that most of them took less to no time for prelude and some people just need more to get there, so she should see what works best from these responses.

I talked to a girl who had the her insides a bit shifted so thus normal penetration would have not been sufficient enough to feel anything – just like rubbing the wrong place.

There is an alternative way I read on the internet thru anal pleasuring. But make sure if she will take this path to read as much about it as one can…cause anal can be really great if done right.  I will write about it in the future BUTT J  I did not get the chance to.

Please make her tell her gynecologist her problem (best if she go’s to more than one just to be sure) and if it’s not physical, try making her go to a psychologist…LIFE WITHOUT THE PLEASURE OF SEX not good.

Hope she understands. My regards to you and your friend  !!



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