Replies to your emails :

As I am preparing the new article for you guys, I thought answering publicly to some questions of yours will keep you alive and kicking till the next big subject.  Most of you gave me your approval in making them public, some of you wanted to remain in the shadows. So just for the fun of it…I did not keep any name or nick I just made up new nicks for the laughs and protection of your integrity.

From:  “scared without a motive”

Read your article “DO YOU MASTURBATE ? (pro’s and con’s)” – found some new information.  Do you believe everything that it says in the article? I never have felt any erectile dysfunction in neither the cases presented, is that something bad or good, should have I ?

TO:  “scared without a motive

Well J…..I hope you don’t.  And yes, I do believe everything I write, it’s actually funny you would ask that.

Every time I write has a bases on what I have experienced/experimented until then, I also take random subjects of the internet but always research them and give them a touch of my own medicine. So long story- short…. Yes I do believe.

Erectile dysfunction is not a thing you would like to experience “scare without a motive”, I hope you never experience that.  Many find out that it’s actually a psychological problem and it may occur whenever.  Simple and pure example of when one might find himself in the situation is:

Rushing the process of having sex, having stressful conditions that alter your moods, beverages or even drugs , being old, or having issues with your blood flow.

If you ever experience this, ask yourself if any of the above is influencing you directly, but until next time man !!! Keep it hard and strong. !!



From : “ Wanting more

Hey Alex.  Tell me about “juisare” more.  I am from Romania; I stumbled upon your article from a friend on Facebook and read more articles. That one, I feel you didn’t quite explain enough…please tell me more so I can be as happy as you state I should be.

To: “wanting more

Hello and good evening “wanting more”. Let me apologize for the lack of content written there and also let me congratulate you on being the first female writing to me without knowing me, which took lots of courage.

I really hoped that the information was useful. The info was written so that each of us (either man or woman)   to have a place of inspiration. I can write more on this but I feel that if people will not succeed they will automatically blame me. It’s a really broad subject as it may be based on your/her anatomy.

I the idea is pretty simple, the actions are really clear. But the feeling is needed for the act to be successful. You see the difference lies in where the movement takes place, if the guy hasn’t found the spot and he is still wondering around…then you found your problem.

I stress this enough for lots that the way that she or he reacts is really important for the other person to know that they are doing it good.

As I mentioned in the text you can’t do more as it is not self-inflicted, though you can reach  that exploding orgasm if you work on it. As example I’m just going to throw this video to make you understand the level of greatness it can reach (Cytheria :

I hope that helps, if you want please send me your boyfriend or whoever you want to educate in this area and I will try talking with them and explaining the technique.


From : “wandering soul

Hello my name is “wandering soul” , and I was wondering if I can pick your mind a bit? I read most of your articles and find them insightful, many I do not understand as they are in your language and the translation is awful.

Have you ever helped couples?  How much?  Can I ask you some questions?

Thank you,

wandering soul

To “wandering soul

Hello “wandering soul”, of course…tell me, the worst I can do is tell you my side.


From : “wandering soul”

You have a couple of articles about relationship, but I can’t really understand what your point of view is. Tell me since are you in a relationship and how do you make it work?  Of course some references would help.

To: “wandering soul

Hello back…I do have some relationship advise but I really feel, I do not have a firm hold on it.

What I can do is tell you my point of view and from there you can extract whatever you feel is more relevant and important for your relationships.

Better if I just sum up what I feel is important to know and to find out for one self…best!

In a mature relationship “the whole” (for me) is constructed from 2 parts. First part is the intellectual and the second one is the physical one.  One of my theories are regarding these two, once without the other cannot be.

My mentality run’s on the Ying Yang logic. That a part makes the other part whole and one without the other can’t be in harmony.  I really do not know what you are looking after exactly but I will rant on and next time if you want, please comes with more specific questions. (You should lookup Ying-Yang)

Though my articles are mostly from the sexual point of view, I can say that there isn’t any perfect relationship, I really thing that Cinderella had many disputes with her prince and so on. What I encourage people around me is to talk it out, and each part to listen to their significant other.

People are so passed thinking what is important over, that they just overthink what’s less important, my advice for anyone is : “If you find someone you are yourself next to, and you feel good, there is nothing stopping you from being happy”

But I’m just ranting…can you be more specific ?

From : “wandering soul

Hahaa……LOL,  that was good. I believe you.  No, really that was not what I was asking.

More specific: What would you do if you got bored sexually?  It has been great for the last 5 years, but it seems that we are doing it just to do it. There is pleasure, but not like at the beginning… We tried doing it in weird places and was thrilling at first, but not enough. I tried Anal and I really think that is not the sex for me.  And saw your post about the toy…I don’t want to offend him. What’s your take on this?

To: “wandering soul

Ohh…..that question.  J NOW, WHY DIDN’T you say that from the start. Beating around the bush doesn’t help anyone also when I start ranting about things.

I have had that question asked before and was not ready. I thought about it and my best advise would sound like this.

The best way of making something boring or familiar into something exciting and great is NOT HAVING IT. So the answer is easier than you think.  Stop doing SEX.  I know it sound really bad, but you have nothing to lose, but when doing that see that you really extend the period start from 1 month and see from there how long you BOTH can stretch the cord and when the he least expects it and go, buy or make a naughty costume an surprise him.

There is the fine not to this, he really needs to keep his hand to himself at all time…no spanking the monkey in this period…He will fuck you like an animal…and I bet you will like it.

I don’t know what type of relationship you have, but Swinging is good also. But that is a solution for more free and open minded people. And I hope you don’t take this as “you are not, if you don’t think that way” but it has been proven that it is a good solution for couples that have reached the saturation of their relationship.

Please write to me often and let me know how it went… with your permission I would like to add some of my mails with the other people that read my blog, I will not be using your name…thus your identity will be kept secret, reply back and confirm if you feel that this is appropriate;  I really want to encourage people to write to me more than they do !

Best regards,


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