Salivation – animal instinct or body reaction to arousal ?


Recent talks with some people convinced me that I have a bit of an animal instinct when having sex, thus I researched it and found some studies similar to what I experience.

Animal instincts, you say ?  Yes and not that I love biting and jumping women humping them in bed with MY LOVE TOOL… but another aspect that we usually ignore or just find it natural. Today’s subject is Salivation and the motive that I found si close to what I feel.

At this point in my articles I encourage people in searching the internet or their manuals for the veracity of what I am writing. Though a really complex research would attest what I will be stating in this article, I want you all to know that I have no proof of the following statements I will be displaying.

This article is a combination of a study done on undergraduates at Northwestern University by David Gal, it sets an example of human behavior when faced with a desirable subject, either it is Money/Power or Sport Cars or Sex/Lust or desire. Process’s that can stimulate intellectually and have a physical effect on the body. Please hold on as I walk you through a mirror like thesis between desires of carnal pleasure like SEX and physical objects of desire like the ones mentioned above, that stimulate and change our way of functioning.

Body processes and reward system.

The mesolimbic dopamine reward pathway is seen to light up to natural incentives such as food and drugs. As mentioned before, drugs are not only the ones we conventionally name them like (cocain, meth and so on), but anything can be a drug if abused of. In Sex, a response mechanism is induced by our reward system, with desired material items stimulating the same pathways and neural regions as the hunger for food or other natural reinforces do. This includes the striatum, amygdala and hypothalamus, areas involved in reward responses.

Salivation is one of several physiological events, including increased gastric motility and the secretion of gastric enzymes, that play a specific functional role in digestion and that are activated as part of the cephalic phase response (i.e., the anticipatory phase of digestion; Lashley 1916; Pavlov 1927; Winsor 1930; Wooley and Wooley 1973).

So what have I found in this study that has great relevance to what I feel when having this saliva outburst is these points right here :

  • exposure to a human body has a bigger response than just looking at content that is similar;
  • research found that salivation, a correlate of physiological hunger
  • these findings show that exposure to a material reward cue stimulates salivation when the reward value is high, such as when the reward is associated with a highly active goal
  • salivary response to material rewards might have been conditioned incidentally early in development. (Razran (1939)
  • desire activated in one domain can induce approach behavior in a different domain (e.g., Briers et al. 2006; Li 2008; Van den Bergh et al. 2008; Wadhwa, Shiv, and Nowlis 2008); correspondingly, inhibition of desire in one domain also appears to influence inhibition in a different domain (Tuk, Trampe, and Warlop 2011).
  • lf-reported liking or desire often do not differ among the two groups of study. Based on such findings, some researchers have posed that a heightened salivary response might reflect desire uninhibited by conscious interference;
  • Based on these findings, it has been argued that cue-induced salivation might reflect autonomic desire (Reid et al. 2006)

Control of salivation is complex and not well understood, research suggests that activation of dopaminergic receptors in the brain, which is known to play a key role in reward response, also increases salivation in both rodents (Pazo, Tumilasci, and Medina 1981) and humans (Tumilasci et al. 2006).

For those who did not get anything of what is written here, it’s simple :

The mind activates same process’s as reward for food as it does for other stuff we like. No matter what we like, the same part of our brain, controls the function of salivating when we see something we like. The study also shows graphics and differences of salivation between things we find more attractive and things that are less important for us, thus salivating is one of the functions that may reveal what we find more or less interesting and also it can show us what our mind is depended of, either it is Money, Drugs, Sex or even doing good for someone.

Though the science is not exact at the moment, they are on the verge of explaining how our body fluids react when our brain has processed an information and has filtered it.

Coming to a conclusion :

The release of saliva is proportional to what we find desirable, though I do not have the power and resources to prove the following statement, it may rise exponentially with sexual arousal because of the bodies natural reaction when aroused ( hart rate going up, pupils dilating and many other more).

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