Does size matter ? / Conteaza marimea ?

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This post was so fun gluing together information. And the endless reactions and explanations that you find online, are really amusing. It shouldn’t be that funny, but people just made the time spend on it, worth more than 10 good jokes mashed up into one.

I am going to start by telling you all, that there is no specific global standardization to what small and big is. However, there is such thing as too small or too big.  If this did not sound too logical to the untrained eye, let me explain it :

If you take an average height woman, with average weight and an average man with average weight, you have nothing else but average results of likeness and value (logical deduction).  But scientists say that once you remove their clothes the real measurements appear.

They studied attractiveness from “the size” point of view and discovered that some features can make you look more attractive to the opposite sex, just because….(a long study concerning  brains responsiveness to what we think is attractive).

From body shape, to the persons limbs and body parts,all constitute to our perception of beauty and rich (in features), for those who want to study more about beauty, try : Kendra Shmid who made a computer program which tells you how attractive you are, and why are some viewed more attractive then others. All these take this article “DOES SIZE MATTER ??” to an affirmative answer. YES, yes it does.

Now don’t get your panties in a bunch, we are getting straight to the subject,but this is the prelude. The angles chosen to address this subject were based upon a common concern nowadays, does size matter ? and if it does, how can we tell if we are the right size ?

Size :

We define size through different metrics, height, girth, depth,  but there has never been a standard to what beauty or aesthetics should be, so starting now….there is no PERFECT, there is only trend. If there is something we can learn looking back on histories trends on beauty, you will understand why my statements are so bold and sure.

So for those who are new, I study different subjects and analyze the results using different perspectives, and this one was a handful.

Generalizing is hard when you really want to get facts straight and when the job is thoroughly done. So, for the next part of this post please be attentive to details and hold on.

From the book of Harry Fisch M.D.  to any related topic or article, some may find themselves out of context or even that many articles are not 100% right and today I am just going to STATE that there is no 100% right, it’s a subjective, THAT’S THE REASON.

Remember that “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder” ?? Well , will add a greater relevance than ever.

Size is a metric where we can distinguish different aspects on a subject. But when it comes to pleasure, both body and mind…it really makes the whole metric system just a tool of reference.

 SIZE just a reference tool ??

Yes, size is just a reference tool,so that you become aware what works best for you. You wouldn’t like shoes to big or to small for your feet, would you ?? You want em JUST RIGHT !!
So yes…..size matters 100%. Boys and girls, men and women ….you all are both: small and big at the same time (but for different people).

Now we get to the point of interest….I am sure that most of you out there already thought: “But…that’s not that relevant when it comes to penis or breast sizes”  – and me going : “YES IT DOES !!”

So, I explained already when a penis is too small for creating pleasure, but i never explained the difference between big boobs and small ones and what is BIG and SMALL generally . And so we get to the next subject :

  Difference and utility between small and big.

For well-endowed men any job is a simple job. When you have big muscles, u lift effortlessly huge things cause you are big, if you have a average to big penis, the hardest job you have to do is to keep it up and just jiggle back and forth or all around etc. When you are BIG, the problems start. Big penises never get 100% action, though they get 100% reaction.  I want to give you all the task of talking to someone you know that has a penis of 18 to 22 cm (7.1″ to 8.7″ inches), if you know any. They will explain how rare it is to find a woman that can withhold all his junk and still be excited. Therefor you really don’t want to be big, unless you want to injure your partners.

Average Penises are from 12 cm up to 16 cm (4.7 to 6.3 inches), that’s more than enough and probably more than 60% of the worlds average, though I saw the statistical table of measurements on each country and it was disappointing. Average penises really hit the spot cause you don’t need to fill the hole, you need to stimulate it. He as well as she will have a lot of fun, and it is going to be really exciting for both partners to indulge the different positions as well as different foreplay’s that may be.

Last and LEAST, are the small ones. Now I know you maybe shocked cause many of you never had the experience of seeing one (Click here) . The smallest penis ever recorded had 1 cm  (0.4 inches) and they vary from….1 cm I guess to 6- 8 cm (3.1 inches). That’s the best 8 cm long of the “Littles”. Why ? cause the vagina has a 6 to 8 cm depth and having a penis so small you are just going to tickle the lady. But don’t despair !! here comes the best part :

Though size, color, shape and other aspects are known to be scientifically standardized, you may find that an 8 cm long penis can destroy a vagina or a 16 cm one can do NOTHING for a woman.  This is why “beauty lies in the eye of the beholder” , cause finding a compatible partner is what is most important, right ?

Reminiscing : “ I remember a radio contest I saw on the web, where the smallest penis was awarded with something pretty cool if those guys really showed up.  And obviously the forecasting crew took interviews, curios on how their love life was and how did they succeed. And a good percentage of the males had marriages and girlfriend and they found out a way to make it good for both of them

Great, so summing up, a bit before we get to breasts.

– Size Matters;

– the size lies in the eye of the beholder;

– big or small can be as good but with different people;

– Small does not mean: BAD .



The mother of all problems when it comes to aesthetics.  They are either too small, too big, ugly shaped etc.  I even hear there is an actual issue concerning nipples. WHAT THE F@K  ?!#>?

As I have mentioned so many times before , probably I am going to post about this intricate self satisfaction problem is that people should actual be happy with what they have, this is unless you don’t have problems with it. For example :

You should be happy you don’t have big breasts, cause they limit your sleeping positions, they bounce when you run (and hurt afterwards), you can’t always wear what you like cause the sizes don’t match, and then gravity…..that’s a whole another story later on in life.

Big Breasts Small & beautifull

Usually women really divided the two when it came to feeling beautiful. I heard of suffering for beauty but that’s not what I ever had in mind.  Surgery doesn’t solve something you have a problem with in your head,  a schrink does !!!  But anyways, better know that men are attracted to big breasts but only if they are firm  and on position – which is very unlikely as the tissue grows weaker with time because of the extensive bra wearing and no sports done, they sag cause they weigh a lot, AND THE BACK PAIN…


The answer is simple….the feeling and aesthetics, cause you’ve seen men look at push-up boobs,  though we know they are not real, we still look at them.  Covered breasts only have an aesthetic effect, as it’s the harmony of  shapes, MEN DO LOVE SHAPES.  See that after Technology and Sports, men usually have different interests in anything that has an aesthetic valor. Cars , boats , aircraft’s , bodies, chainsaws anything that might look good.

When it comes to sex, it’s the only time when men consider breasts as being important or useful, the size should start from small and reach the maximum( from the A cup to the D-E cup) just for pleasure, anything above a D-E cup can create problems even for him.

There was a saying in a movie I saw, it said that “the perfect breast is the one that fits in a champagne glass”  , though I heard enough men say that they like big breasted women ,just to watch them jiggle them…remember  WHAT’S THE POINT OF HAVING BIG BREASTS IF THEIR NOT USEFUL ??   If you are into tit sex…or Mexican sex (that’s how I heard they call it) , then I agree….just play with them, fuck em, the bigger the better. But that’s not the real problem, women who want big breasts just want to be admired more than they are now…so remember this : YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL JUST THE WAY YOU ARE !!! (here or here)

Nowadays a new issue has been risen, the nipple job. So it’s like men complaining about how their balls look like, NOT IMPORTANT. We all have favorites, stop obsessing over things that are good and help the quality of your life. Here’s a fact you may or may not know :

“any surgery for breast enlargement or nipple Aureola reduction, correction,  inversion or repairing, has a good chance of loosing nipple sensitivity, or impairing a woman to nurse newborn’s ”   – so no more breast kissing or nipple sucking for you….cause it will not affect you anymore after surgery!!

about bra’s

Bigger is never better, but small is never enough.  In the future i will be coming back to this subject as there are many aspects to be taken in consideration. I advise you stay tuned and READ,for a future article I am researching all the aspects of : “HOW TO MAKE SIZE NOT MATTER” , this is going to be about and for men…but I really think that everything I am going to write is going to be relevant to women everywhere.

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