Romanian Music/ Muzica romaneasca

Please see that this post is added to the “Critici” (criticizing ) Category, thus most of what I am going to state maybe taken as offence.

I was woken today by a fiend of mine, came and showed me a new clip for one of the artists I am going to make a short review, and showed me not that the song was great or not even that the video clip was good, the only thing he wanted to show me is that a gal in this song, at a point in this official video just turns around and spanks her pussy  (just click it to see).

Of course we laughed and made jokes and obscene remarks….but that just fueled the “hating” in me. A couple of hours later, I was looking on the internet for Romanian song and artists.

I do not listen to Romanian music, cause it all sound the same to me, and if anyone out there is a musical producer or even has done a bit of music in school or actually attended musical arts school, can vouch to what I am saying.

But it’s an industry that makes a shit loads of money and the age of  WHORING  yourself is apart of  the music business so WHY NOT ?


Romania has great artists, real and talented artist that have no money and nothing to eat. They are reduced to make it on their own cause they are not trendy enough.  So that everyone can understand what I mean is : Songs in our country just sounds mostly the same, trend changes like all the time but not when it comes down to the instrumental and lyrical depth part, that is left so the majority will easily undestand, like we are a bunch of idiots.

If you will have the nerves to listen to all what I am going to place below, you will see this : lack of  lyrical depth, bad sound engineering, lots of sexual content and FLASHY videos.

I chose most female video’s cause if it were men, you would have said that “Of course they have almost naked women, they are trying to sell”  , well I just placed some (just a part) of the Stars that Romania has and you may discover that you know some or lots.

So first of all I wanted to do this right, so I accessed  MTV and looked at the top ten songs and here you have my opinion :

Edward Maya – Stereo Love   i

1:29  – ass 
2:36  – no bra (shot) and what’s up with the boots ?
3:28  – jiggling boobs 
He’s so sad and has a good display of a POKER FACE. But the acting of “Ohh so lonely and sad without you”, is fucking overrated, overused and lame. the rest is ok….the song sounds good, if they were the only ones on TV like that. But no, there are many of the same kind.

Connect-R – Burning Love 

never missing the body shots of connect-r
1:38 – tits close up
2:02 – tits again
2:35 – it’s a closeup of his and her tits, and nipples.

For those who don’t know this…Connect-R is nothing close to ragga style singer, he’s career started by rapping underground, but when times pay good money, he took the rich road and went commercial full on.
I also know the dancers personally as I am a dancer…the dancing in this video clip is whack. They are good dancers, but the choreo for this piece, is as bad as the acting and musical complexity.This song I would categorize it as being low budget, and I still can’t understand why he is still trying to pass on that ripped TANK TOP with the nipples hanging out. People cover your children’s eyes.
Voxis – To The Moon

so..i thought that it’s not going to have any sexual shots until :

2:03 a side buttock underskirt is shown.

and then of course the whole partying in a private jet, which actually isn’t a private jet, it’s just a  small plane .

What the fuck is it with the hair-due ? that style isn’t cools cause it’s out of style for 8 years now, first it appeared on R&B singers and then on rappers, but House/Dance singers with tram lines style on their head ??  If some of the artists I’ve seen before on TV accidentally or heard about them from friends that don’t listen to pretty good music, these artists I’ve never heard of them before, and they are on the top list !!!

Bob Taylor ft Anni – Deja Vu

Of course it’s inna…..thus :
starting 0:07 with INNA body shots
0:39 INNA bikini tanning line and ass
2:01 Inna’ just poses to be shot.
2:19 Inna’s back dimples and then her ass as closeup 

Well she really has an International reputation to maintain, but this little nice brunette girl did not even learn how to speak English until a interview where she made  a huge ass of herself.
And the misconception that our STARS are internationally loved isn’t true, as even on  EURO TOP 20 on Romanian MTV site does not have Romanian singers….strange ? NO !! MTV top ten does not have only Romanian artists (thank GOD) , this means that slowly people are just redirecting their attention elsewhere.

Many Romanian videos have really intense sexual content, even if I had a dollar for each time an ass is shown or one of any girls touches herself, well people, I WOULD BE RICH !!

Here are more songs with sexual content from Romania.

Corina – A ta  , CORINA Feat. J. J. – No Sleepin’ , Corina – Munky Funky

ANDA ADAM feat. DDY – Show Me ANDA ADAM – Feel , Anda Adam – Punani  – Great…that means Pussy/vagina in Jamaican.

Delia – Wuella Wuella ,  Delia – Dale  ;

Anna Lesko – Ard in flacariAnna Lesko feat. Gilberto – Go Crazy  – she was with Columbeanu businessman that made her famous,  and she was 16 years old.

Tom Boxer & Morena feat. J Warner – Deep In Love , Antonia (aka Morena) – Marabou

Andreea Banica – Electrified ,  Andreea Banica “Love In Brasil”  ,  Andreea Banica feat Dony – Samba  – Lately Andreea is trying out the Pin Up girl look, and in all her music videos her legs are a point of interest.

Mandinga feat. Muneer – Bling , Mandinga- Papi Chulo Mandinga – Zaleilah  – the last one is the Eurovision song of last year. Now they are trying a fusion of Romanian music with a kind of dance music…sounds decent, but she is not.

Ruby – Stinge lumina  , RUBY – Miracle Of Love , CRBL feat. Ruby – Toata tara   – the last song she is actually talking about Girls selling themselves for fame….that’s ironically funny.

Xonia – Remember  , Xonia -Take the Lead  – a weird Christina Aguilera  meets Lady gaga clip .

Andreea Balan – Trippin  ,  Andreea Balan – Like A Bunny  – this one is banned for Romanian viewers 🙂

New entries :

Heaven – Sunshine ,  Heaven – Sexy Girl

Dj Sava feat. Misha – Tenerife 

Sophia – Unconditional Love

I really hope someone good is going to come in Romania and change the music producers here, cause this is CRAP and it’s bugging me.

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