De ce se uita barbatii dupa alte femei/ why do men look after other women ??

As my blog is getting global awareness I am now writing articles in both English and Romanian.

Din cauza faptului ca blogul meu este citit peste tot in lume, scriu in doua limbi sa fie mai usor de inteles.*Varianta in romana va apare mai tarziu decat cea in engleza.

Why do men look after other women ??

     So…I chose this subject because it was raised to me. Why look at other women if you are in a relationship, marriage or any monogamous relation of what kind you can think of.  Because I could not answer directly and my answers seem to be justifications for a bad deed, I started searching in books and on the internet.

    Shortly after looking over different articles and not finding anything contextually similar in books, it was then, when I realized that  though a really old issue concerning males dishonesty or “eye cheating”,  none has ever pin pointed “Why !!”. By this time in any post I invite you in searching the internet WHY do males look after females, many articles being about men cheating women.

  So WHY ?  is there a reason or just instinct ? and  how does it affect our lives ?

The answer to that is always in between. I use always a general point of view and never talk about the specifics of a case, that no “one  great and true answer” can ever be given for an issue that may differ from person to person.  But to oblige and setting it straight, here we go :


   MEN :

  Though easy to satisfy and a bit of A.D.D. when it comes to superficial aspects, the man’s brain works on clear paths and simple processes. In order to understand a man you really have to ask 2 questions : What ? Why ? .  In this case the questions would be : Why are you looking at her ? What are you looking for ? usually with skeptical eyes women feel cheated cause their lovers are looking at “other goods”. 

  Not the case to worry, dear. By now, I think that stereotypical patterns have been attributed to the male’s character that go’s in the line of : 

“Men are easily distracted” (with sex, sports and technology) , “men like competition” (demonstrating their Alpha male abilities), ” men are horn dogs” (cause we love to masturbate before puberty even hit’s us)   – wouldn’t be a problem, if your insecurities wouldn’t activate when you see this type of behavior.  

  Allan Peas is a great writer he presents female and male distinctions in antithesis. I recommend you watch the whole show divided in four parts. There you can find the simple distinctions and you will understand the male’s way of processing information. 

  I propose a test to explain what he see’s and how you perceive it :

    A woman on the street, let’s say she is beautiful or has some qualities that you may or may not have. When he looks at her he thinks : “Great body, beautiful aspects, big tits, great ass (depending on what his point of interests she fulfills) though, he’s mind is aligning her to a category where other models and examples exist . Just like folders for Cars, Computer configurations, Gadgets, Games etc. , that woman is place in maybe  “great to fuck”, “greatest ass” or “a good prospect” etc. . In most cases more than 75%, so….this is actually a number that represents the men that will not cheat on their spouse. They will just admire and move on.   

  An alternative to this is that men have history of looking after women everywhere. Remember the fact that men search partners twice as much as women do, having less standards but more complex expectancy  from them when it comes to making her HIS. So if a man is with a woman, it is usually because she has more than one aspect that he is tied to.  EX :  If you are with a man, he knows that you complete his view of a woman. From Cerebral to Emotions and Physical attraction. When he sees her, he has only one aspect to focus on….her looks, which if you take the whole analytic way of thinking , will NOT make him happier.

 Now if you connect the DOTS, and analyze what he is doing, you will have the same result if :

We change the woman he is looking after with a Sports Car and now, imagine him looking after it while he is holding your hand. It starts making sense when you understand that the importance lies in the value of the subject. You may even get hurt by finding out that he would dump your ass for a Ferrari and I’m talking about the real car not the resemblance in the exercise.  

Males brains are simple. They chose the best and closest features to their standard of the “perfect woman” for them. Upon the decision, when chosen you will not be replaceable until a balance in his head has shifted towards negative, when you are Nagy or a pain in the ass, your chemistry doesn’t work or any other reasons why people fall out of love for. Then the risk of cheating is most possible. Men don’t cheat when they are fulfilled both mentally and physically in a relationship, you don’t trust me ??   GO ASK SOMEONE you do trust and you will see. 

For a guide on how to build/keep/have a great relationship please click here.

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