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I am currently working on a post for the SEX category on this page…but to keep you plugged in and entertained meanwhile, just wanted to share a bit of  heaven that really inspired me. It got me to the point of a tear just rolled out and fell in a puddle of joy.  The way it is addressed, I really have respect for whom idea it was, I’ll let you all to see.  Please watch it, you won’t be disappointed.    The credits for the clip and where I found it are at the bottom, please feel free to Like/Share/visit the site.  CLICK THE LINK IN THE MIDDLE (source: Youtube )

1:30: This teacher begins a study that will be talked about for 40 years.
3:00: She re-creates segregation and racism in her classroom.
7:45: Mrs. Elliott flips the entire class on their heads.
10:00 Jane Elliot makes the most profound discovery about us all
11:43: The students learn something that the world is still struggling to.

There are too many great moments to point out. Just watch.



CLICK HERE —->>>>>>How to teach equality<<<<<<—-APASATI AICI



1:30: Profesoara porneste un studiu care va fi subiect de discutie pentru 40 de ani.
3:00: A recreat segregarea si rasismul in clasa.
7:45: Doamna Elliott intoarce clasa cu susul in jos.
10:00 Jane Elliot face o descoperire care are impact asupra tuturor (chiar si noua)
11:43: Elevii invata o lectie pe care lumea chiar si in ziua de astazi inca se chinuie a o permite in viata lor.

Multe momente memorabile si frumoase ca sa fie etichetate. Uitati-va !!

Cat timp pregatesc si scriu noul articol categoriei sex pe acest blog, am gasit un filmulet pe care dupa ce l-am vazut am stiut ca este un clip pe care lumea ar trebuii sa il vada. M-a inspirat enorm, este un subiect la care tin foarte mult, crescand printre multe tipuri de oameni cat am fost mic si avand parinti care nu erau incuiati la minte, problema rasei nu a fost niciodata ridicata la mine in familie.

Felul cum a reusit invatatoarea asta sa le demonstreze ce inseamna sa fii discriminat pentru a fi diferit, lectia pe care au primit-o acesti copii sper ca au impartasit-o mai departe cu urmatoarele generatii.

APASATI LINKUL DE MAI SUS  (sursa : Youtube)


ORIGINAL: By ABC News. Uploaded by LudwingMedia.  PBS Fronline’s full film, “A Class Divided,” is available to watch free online!

Site : http://www.upworthy.com

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