Sexul dur vs pasional (eng.)


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Ok, now…I’m just going to give you the original article written by me,this time being whole, not made in different parts and sectioned, so…enjoy :



          Introduction :  The difference between ROUGH SEX AND NORMAL/SLOW sex

I took the time in writing the difference between these two, as I find that people usually think that they reside only in one of these ways of practicing it. Though skeptical at first, being a rough and tough “sexman” myself, I got to learn and understand both sides as many would debate which is better.

Now I took the task upon myself to experiment both on the same subjects and analyzing the needed difference both physically and mentally between acts. Trying to change the thinking paradigm of both sides of people. Hopefully after this light article, you (the reader) will be able to find more satisfaction and enjoyment with future or existing sexual partners.


Rough/Tough Sex:


This is a public favorite, it has the excitement and the adrenaline needed. It is very intriguing as the majority that practice this can describe sex as being wild, free, no strings attached, no sensitivity, pure carnal pleasure that can’t be over passed by anything else. Porn has developed the idea in young minds, but this practice is really old as the rush of spontaneous adrenaline in the system gives acuity to tactile senses therefor being much intense and overcoming the build pleasure that usually resides in the act of foreplay.

Many disregard this type of sex as it has no intimacy and not emotional connection and though being really sensitive about it, they are right by saying that. Emotional and mental connections are made always when having sex, our brains can’t tell the difference between having sex and making love, it just does it’s job in assessing the pleasure and then creating a affectionate connection with the person in place, this is why many people can’t fuck around cause they start getting feelings.

The act is different!! And acknowledging it can make you get to that breakthrough in your “Sexual Maturity” or “Sexual Mentality”.  The velocity is where the excitement occurs, never have I heard about a quickie being slow, an affair going all delicate an soft (only in movies), or a sex rage being anything else than A SEX RAGE.

Convince you yet?  Well… rough sex usually approaches specific sexual positions that don’t have that closeness you would think. Let me paint the picture in your head:

When thinking of rough sex, you imagine positions like: “Doggy style”, “The sexual V”, “The Padlock”, “The Butterfly”, “The Ascent of Desire”, “The Clip”, “The Double Decker” ,” The Crouching Tiger” , “The Hero” , “The Dolphin”, “The Rock’n Roller”, “The Fan”, “the eagle” etc.  (Here you can see the positions)

These positions don’t give you the possibility of kissing too much, the attention is diverted towards the act and the feeling of sex (fucking). They are pretty hot and used for having slow/normal sex too, but best done as it dictates on the label, if you understand what I’m saying.

Women get excited about this type because they are the ones supporting the handling, they just need to hold on while men thrust and ravage their body sexually. Fucking one’s brain out is used to describe such a scene also the term of “riding me” or “fucking one senseless”.

As closure to my little explanation I just want to reassure the people whom never done this or acted upon their needs and cravings is that although it may appear violent maybe painful, remember this !! Pain is not felt in the act of copulation as endorphins and Oxycontin is released into the body…thus transforming pain in pleasure, ever heard of spanking and hair pulling?

 Normal/Slow Sex:


Everything that’s normal is boring and being slow about it just ruins the fun for everyone. But in this case the exception lies where people don’t ever think in searching. Normal or slow sex is usually known for its passionate and profound feeling it creates. The sentiment of closeness intensifies as tactile and mental functions have time to meet half way into building a feeling.

People describe the act of mating/copulation as being two different things, but I really know it’s just about the semantic valor of the words and use. People can explain that having sex and making love are different and in this little article I will prove that it’s the same.

In sex al processes are the same if you take two lovers or two prostitutes and place them in front of an audience that know nothing about the two couples that are in the act, they will not tell the difference between the two.  You may concur that two prostitutes can be as passionate as two lovers cause they do their jobs really good, also some may say that touches and actions are different when lovers do it and I beg the differ.   A good prostitute will make their job and the acting of it be very smooth, to inspire realness. Great sex resembles perfectly the act of “making love”, therefore the audience could be easily fooled.

So….Is normal sex good or bad? The answer to that is different to everyone. Slow sex is better when doing it without protection (I am not saying go out and don’t use it, just be careful). Without any protection the closeness gives you much more insight on what the other feels like and it maybe be an “eye opener”.  The man can feel the walls of his mate, and the women can sense all the muscle striations and texture of the penis. Doing the act slowly helps both find out what and where the partner feels best and also learn how to stimulate each other.

Now knowing that makes it a bit more interesting, but one of the issues I found myself in was that I would start slow and gradually raise the velocity and the thrust. It is normal to be in a continues fluctuation of speed and changing positions often. This helps the act not become boring and if you just get stuck in one position, remember this : “ if you do the same thing over and over again, the environment gets used and adjusts itself accordingly” also irritation or lose of tactile feeling can happen.

Slow sex helps more for building relationships, even if those are of fucking as “fuck friends”/”fuck buddies”/ “friends with benefits”. These are some of the positions that help you change and spice up the act while still doing it slow : The Curled Angel (aka Anjou-style) – spooning”,” The Seduction”,” The Glowing Juniper”,” The Classic (missionary) “,”The Kneel “,”The Deckchair”, “The Reclining Lotus”, The Reclining Lotus”,” The Magic Mountain”,” the rowing boat” (Link)

As closure please remind yourself that having/doing/making SEX is great however suits you, but better have a good experience either way, you may never know what partners may like more,  just take caution and look for the signs.


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