Poezie despre sex “Passion burning”

Poezie despre sex “Passion burning

As i lift my hand up; as a sword ,
The ground uncertain, the clouds are torn
The lights begin to change, eyes sore
Love and peace to all new born.

A new day, a new life,
The eternal sin done meticulously twice
A sip of wine, her head detaching from her spine
As we’re getting closer the her shrine.

Her lap, my trap,
Her lips fold me into their strap
Her eye’s attract, they loose site
They are blank, she’s out of mind
An early scream of fighting back
and sigh of freedom…as you like…

The near is here, we follow through
Hands stop time, i’m in you
Climax up, the rush of blood
Your whole body crumbled up
The twitch, your hair, your legs apart
The loving sweetness of your hart

i feed of you…you stare

I grind my hand into your hair

I pull, you beg,
Harder, please !!
Positioning you back on your knees,

I harder thrust, a burning flare
Pirotechnics up into the air
your out of breath, come undone
Sight is down, nowhere to run…

Our thoughts light up, just like the sun
Falling back, you touch and nurture me
thanking nature and it’s humanity.

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