Fifty Shades Darker

Pentru cei care simt nevoia sa il vada si sa nu li se dea spoiler-e, nu cititi acest articol. Imi voi asterne impresiile despre filmul asta ca bukkake nereusit, nici nu merita un film care se doreste a fi romantic… Dar cred ca voi niste detalii pe care odata citite nu le veti putea ignora daca vizionati filmul.

Sequel-ul la Fifty Shades, continuarea rahatului dupa o lunga constipare care a format dop. O poveste romantica slaba, simplista si plictisitoare impachetata intr-o actiune usor de digerat pentru imaginatiile persoanelor…mai slabe de inger. Acest episod (zic asta din cauza ca vor mai fi vreo cateva filme) este mai putin dur decat primul doar din cauza ca povestea sa centrat mai mult asupra relatiei celor doi protagonisti, incercand sa sublinieze faptul ca exista o conexiune, nu doar un film erotic pe un post de televiziune dupa ora 00:00.

115 minute de agonie, acum inteleg de ce acest Grey este asa dur, ca te supune la torturi vizuale timp de aproape doua ore si singurul lucru despre care poti vorbi este cat de slab a fost si (in cazul meu) ce bine este ca nu am dat bani (poate doar pe parcare, dar na…si cand te pisi pe autostrada platesti) sa il vad.

Prima impresie pe langa prostul fir epic, este repetitia. Circularitatea cu care se face sex in filmul asta este mai mult decat previzibila este ca anotimpurile. De la un film care nu avea nici o legatura cu BDSM ul si comunitatile de kinksteri pe care a reusit cu BRIO sa ii supere primul film au schimbat macazul spre o interactiune mai vanilla, probabil a inceput autoarea in sfarsit sa scrie despre ceva care stie sau poate ca demograficul filmului sunt fetele la pubertate (chiar daca e 18 and above), virgine la 25 de ani si femei fara imaginatie.

Apel la simplitate, protagonista este o fata frumusica dar nu prea mult, o frumusete de genul ala mediocru, un model perfect pentru friend zone in alte filme si acest bogatan Grey Christian care o rasfata si o joaca pe degete. Dupa doar 3 zile dupa impacare o “combina” (nu exista nici un termen literar in vocabularul meu care sa descrie o porcarie mai mare ca asta) sa se mute cu el, 3 zile a tinut ca ea sa il ierte pentru tot filmul 1 si sa revina in viata lui ca si cum nimic nu sa intamplat. O chiar si imbraca, de parca acest lucru nu l-am mai vazut in alte filme, exact cum ai imbraca o broasca in haine scumpe, frumusetea ei este readusa la viata fiind admirata de toata lumea LaBal (da am vrut sa scriu asa). Partea amuzanta este ca o scena inantea balului ea imbraca un corset (facand parte din vestimentatia pentru bal), care dispare ca prin minune cand el o dezbraca la bal.

O tarancuta epilata terfelita de un badaran bogatas, recunoasteti modelul? Da, si eu…rage tara de umbre de-astea si nu vin in numar de cincizeci ci sute, poate mii.

Dar de ce zici ca e tarancuta, ce nesimtit esti !!!  Da !? Nu am mai vazut o persoana care este rujata prost tot filmul, nu imi pasa daca vine MUA-MUELOR sa imi spuna diferit, ca tot mi se pare ca era depasita linia buzei superioare.

In final, au fost 2 momente care au fost perfect memorabile si care sigur iti vor atrage atentia. Primul si cel mai incitant moment cand pulsul iti va creste iar inima va tresarii, este intr-o scena cand se trage cu pistolul.

Al doilea este unul foarte amuzant, dar probabil din cauza faptului ca am avut cu cine sa rad, este scena cand sunt ei doi intr-un lift plin de oameni iar DELOC EVIDENT el incepe a o masturba (MIROASE A PIZDA!!!!) (a fost amuzant pe moment).

Asta a fost impreia mea, poate judec prea dur. Dar adevarul este ca in liceu auzeam la colege si amice povesti sexuale mult mai cutremuratoare. O gluma buna facuta la frecventa scenelor de sex, prietenul meu mi-a soptit: ” ba, astia s-au futut de mai multe ori in 2 ore decat m-am futut eu anul asta”.

Cam asta este tot ceea ce trebuie sa stii si ai sa vezi in film. Ahh, da, cadre filmate prost si tremurari de imagine probabil sa dea o nota de “realitate” filmului.

Loyle Carner soundtrack for “The Isle of Arran” is the same as Dr. Dre’s song.


If you listen or heard this song, maybe you’ll be like me and say…hmm….It sounds really familiar. Maybe because :

“This is track 2 from the 1983 album “The Lord Will Make A Way” originally released in 1969 under the album title “O Happy Day” on the Dunhill/Buluu/ABC Records labels .”

“Lou Adler sold Dunhill to ABC in early May, 1966, and started the Ode label. One of his earliest successes on Ode was Scott McKenzie’s aforementioned “San Francisco” [Ode 103], which reached #4 in early summer, 1967. Carole King, an artist who had known Adler for years, signed with Ode and hit multi-platinum with her 1971 album Tapestry.”

“By the mid-’70s, the Dunhill roster of artists included Joe Walsh (formerly with the James Gang and later with the Eagles), Bobby Bland, and ex-Motowners the Four Tops. The Four Tops revived the old magic for a while, with the help of a new team of staff writers (Dennis Lambert and Brian Potter, who wrote “Keeper Of The Castle,” “Ain’t No Woman (Like The One I’ve Got),” “Are You Man Enough,” among others). European producer-artist Giorgio Moroder, using only his first name, also made his US debut with a single and album on Dunhill, both called “Son of My Father.” Moroder became quite famous during the disco and techno years of the late 1970s and 1980s.”

Dr Dre use of

“It’s All on Me” contains a sample of “The Lord Will Make a Way” performed by the S.C.I. Youth Choir.”


Sources :

What is what ! what is new…

Hi there, I’ve been missed, I see… Just accessed my account and  saw that I had a spike in viewers and some messages. So of course never let down your audience, as small as it may be.


So, I will go and hit the exact subjects I am comfortable with and take no regard of trying to research it as it might have already been talked about on this blog and you might already know most of what I am going to say, but it will never be enough until you feed the people all they need.

“What is new and how can I get my relationship more interesting ?”

Well,  this is really bad. Let me tell you that the people I’ve counselled were too late in their relationship when they came to me, so… here go’s nothing :

First of all… Any relationship has lots of aspects, yes sex and communication, no, anything else is something that may be overridden or compromised. Sexually, experimentation is the key word.  First of all the reason I might invoke; is that you are old enough and smart to try new things (because you are interested and actually reading this) and second of all you acknowledged that there is a problem.

MOST of my readers have curiosities, smart, interesting people just browsing reading shit…making this page some views. Some write, most learnt and less but not least actually steal content from it.

Someone asked what’s new in sex… REALYY ?! and the question came from a guy.  I find that ridiculous that someone would ask. as YOU fucking PORN is available to anyone that hasn’t restricted internet connection.

But hey ! Why not, ill play along… what have I seen that is new ?

Nowadays (female)  porn stars took it to another level. It may be that the average masturbator got sick and tired of the old shenanigans, or they realised that porn resembles REAL LIFE, is more arousing.

The peak of searches now are :



and a couple of names like Holly Michaels and Mia Khalifa, and a couple more that actually are involved in their play not just play out a script to get to the end of it.

Shit hits the fan, when people stop looking at fake taxi and watching x fucking z while z’s friends are sleeping and so on.

This gives me the impression that people don’t take the whole fucking a porn star idea as one to take (or going to a prostitute), but relying in having adventure and making one, of their own. Sex in public, at the gym, in store, etc. With a gymnast, with a colleague, with a team mate.  On a cruise, in the library in the classroom etc. .

People have discouraged watching porn for what it might imply. But no one looked at what it teaches us. And a broker might agree, trend is always the answer you need to look out and after for.

So why the change in story and novelty?  cause people got sick of boring old school whoring, changing it with real fantasy and extreme fantasy (which I approve).

Like :  FORCED ORGASM. it is a new intrusive though loved search term, which display women getting tied up and being forced by different means to orgasms, over other orgasms ( a type of multi-orgasmic treatment many women would love to have).  DOESN’T SOUND LIKE OBJECTIFING TO ME.

Bondage, some light bdsm and crazy orgasms…tell me this is not what any woman wants, and I will stop breathing :)) .

So next time, please come with some new way we can research this vast and crazy subject, sex has a hold on us, but we can explain it so that we can harvest the best of it.

Till’next time !!







“Everything in the world is about sex except sex. Sex is about power.”


For those who don’t know it yet, that’s Oscar Wild, what a wise man. Why do you think he said that?

It might be because sex today is everywhere, it’s the muse of all songs and the spark of any conflict. It is everywhere and we love it. It comes in various shades, lines and weight; It has diversity and it is really versatile. It’s no discovery that it rules, but why?

Why did religion interfere with how and why people express their sexuality? Why is the oldest governing institution interested what people do in their homes? They even placed it the 10 commandments.

There’s no secret to it, we just like the feeling, how do you control someone when you know what they like ? by rationing, by adding the fear factor to equation and testing their faith.

In aristocracy, the form of control was either you’re ignored by the aristocrats or you’re being heavily punished. They decided that only the virginity of wealthy people’s daughters matter, because the fortune pass along bloodline. So as long as you don’t have a sexual relationship with rich people’s daughter, your sexual life is uninteresting to other people. However if you did, you might face harsh punishment.

Nowadays sex is the common demeanor to all political scandals, all of the celebrity gossip and most of the news bulletin crime, before money and race, of course.

So sex does have the power to change lives, ruin them but also give them.

Another interesting subject I want to draw everyone’s attention is to BDSM and swinging. Most influential people hide in their closet an interesting fetish for BDSM as sometimes the weigh of their status can be forgotten once in play.

Now, knowing that sex is about power, and it has power on it’s own. Even saying that :

“I would like to have all the sex in the world”

 can be changed with

“I would like to have all the power in the world”

Want something even more interesting to wrap your head around. Most beautiful women have anything they want, is it because they are more knowledgeable? smarter?  Or is it because they have in their possession something that may interest most people with other kinds of power like MONEY or anything else.

Most gold diggers are women, men, not so much. That doesn’t mean that all women are or that that’s all a woman wants. But the “beautiful sex” as we call women is the one that controls everything around.  Why not ugly women? why not men?   Why can’t a man be raped?

Just think about it, what is sex to you ? How much power does it have?  Do you have any of that power?

Until next time.



Why do I write this ? why about sex ? today’s feature is “arrousing men, has become a must”

There is this popular belief that there is no double standard when talking about sex. It’s already imprinted in girls/women minds that men are in a certain way and somehow women are on the opposite side of the pole…thus lots of misconceptions, bad practices and awful advise get’s propagated thru media, infecting young minds and feeding women insecurities with lies.

Hi, I’m Alex, I own this small corner blog with advice on lots of subjects. The ability I poses is a wonderful though haunting. I see patterns all around, and with the rise of POP CULTURE, patterns have become clearer and more & more unhealthy.

Why ? Cause alongside the wide and large access to internet, the majority of tabloids and blog (such as mine) have come with their own version of the truth, less approved sites have started catching followers and the normal everyday user, is bombarded with uncontrolled information.

Is this bad ? No, but a long time ago people read a lot, reading material was scares and knowledge in most domains was limited due to economy, education, technology and lack of specialists. Today, the most funding go’s into research and innovation, which is great, if you don’t take in consideration the IMPORTANCE OF PRESERVATION !  So bit, by bit we are exhausting, depleting and consuming the resources we need most in order to survive. What is the cost for all this ?  we pay by human sacrifice.

But let’s come back to the main subject. What happens when you give someone to many options without explaining them ? statistics say that the number of uncalculated tries can be the demise of the person’s interest in finding the correct one.

What happens when a person is looking for answers on the internet ? the person get’s too bored, scared or disgusted to follow through. Thus switching to the popular belief, because it is simple and accessible. And so the urban myths and lack of calculated information leads to ignorance, stupidity and mediocracy creating dull mindless zombies chasing one thing and collectively wanting THE SAME THING.

DO YOU KNOW how much commercials affect you? how about POP CULTURE? how about media?  Do you feel like eating something sweet ? wanna fuck ? want to spend some money but you are undecided ?  DO YOU FEEL THE NEED OF DOING SOMETHING BUT DON’T KNOW WHAT ?  yeah….that’s not you being screwy, it’s subliminal effects that are bombarding you with information.

The subject for today (of course) is the one dearest to me. I will be talking about a small but meaningful misconception in the world of LOVE/SEX making.

We all know that PORN isn’t a valid or a scientific source of knowledge. Although frowned upon,  my feeling is that free porn has RELIEVED many men from stupid, shameful actions and encouraged masturbation, MASSturbation (just a little joke). More on that subject here.  But really, the rise of porn was twisted into the idea that it is desensitising men and attacking their lack of knowledge as women were suppressed into submission and silenced even late after their emancipation, freedom of speech and equal rights.

Thus you have lots of generations that never tried approaching sex/love with other intention other than quenching their sexual desires and most women that have never discussed what their partner should or shouldn’t do to make them happy, (like anyone would have been open enough). But that didn’t change too much, see statistics of sexual health of year 2000 where less than 50% of women were truthful about masturbating and less than that were the women that experienced orgasm during sexual intercourse. That’s what lack of sexED and communication does.

So where am I going with this ?

The subject I wanted to talk about in this post was the lack of understanding each sex has and the lack of balance some sexual education site’s, columns and blogs have.  As the research isn’t viewed from all the perspectives, most try to reach out to the largest number of people, overlooking the small, rarer categories.

I talked lots of how to ready the mind and body for an wonderful sexual experience, I’ve spoken about HOW TO and WHAT TO take in consideration when having difficulty in satisfying women (which is important), but more and more I find a new trend of people (men especially) that lack the intimacy from their partners.  That’s why I started with all the talk from above.

Either it’s the double standards or a misconception, because women today start being a bit lazy…not in the : YOU ARE NOT DOING ANYTHING way (though there is that type also) but when it comes to prelude the whole idea is just FOCUS ON HER.  Now this isn’t 100% of the women, don’t get me wrong, but I think it’s safe to say that the majority of women forget that if men’s penis is hard, that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t need touching or attention.

Here is where I want to make a parallel between porn and reality for a bit. In porn the toxic scripts and stupid conversations actually count for nothing, nowadays (it is pop knowledge) that a man will have a longer period of searching the porn they like than the fapping itself and there were some statistics where showing that men usually look at the plot’s start (encounter and prelude) and ending of the clip, making the middle content (lots of positions and twists) indifferent. This has to do with the need of intimacy and décor, play and interaction. NOT THE ACTUALL SEX.

Why do people fantasize? cause that’s the missing part of their lives, they lack the touching and caressing, the rush of desire and equality of feelings.

So explaining why and what is wrong leads me to make in the near future a post about how to keep exciting, how to arouse and play with your partner as I already done that for women, now I will take his perspective into account.

Until next post, LOVE AND BE LOVED !

Limb Numbing SEX

 Numbness of Limbs (hands or/and legs) while having sex?

Then his is a perfect article for everyone out there. For some time I have been told that during or after sex the woman I was with had her hands or legs or both going numb. My first thought was: “I’m a CHAMP”, right ? But really now, what happens and why ?

So at first I started replaying everything in my head, what I usually did and didn’t do with all the different subjects I’ve been with to see if there are any patterns, nothing outstanding came to mind. So as you may know my methods, I started asking everyone who I can actually get a real answer from if they have had or heard about this.

Seems that the numbness happens to many girls/women out there. If you never had it, it’s ok…It isn’t because you never had great sex.

The real reasons behind limb numbness in women is mostly because of two factors :

– The first one which in hindsight I am sure that it was the reason is Vitamin B12 deficiency, that may be because you drink too much or don’t get too much sleep or you actually have problems absorbing it from food (meat, poultry, seafood, dairy products, and eggs).

– Second one which is mostly common due to HAVING SEX, is the heavy breathing and/or Hyperventilation; which both are practically part of good sex and not as common as limbs going numb.

So, if you add up lack of sleep or heavy drinking with great pounding heavy breathing shags with shallow breathing muscle aching orgasms…you get  A SATISFIED LIMB NUMBING WOMAN.

Thus after all that I said, UK might have the most LIMB NUMBING SEX of all 😉 (wink).

FAQ : Why do you feel it after sex ?

R: Cause when you are in the process you are not attentive at how your limbs feel, just how you feel.

I slept with many women !! I’m a fool !


   After being absent for a long period and still AWOL, I wanted to stir some laughs on my behalf and tell you how much of a “STUD” I am.

It’s been a while since I’ve written anything hope this will be ok with you.

Back in the days when I was slightly younger, maybe naive, more than sure I had my head in the clouds cause thinking back, I really had some chances to have some great fun.


So, when I was in University, I was alone in my four people dorm room and was really bored. (When I have some spare time, I usually sleep or do uninteresting stuff). This blond from the second floor that I fancied was taking a break from all the Mercedes and Audi driving lads picking her up and throwing money to spark a bit of interest in her eye.

She calls me at 18:00 o’clock asking if we could watch a movie cause she is alone in her room, and doesn’t want to sleep there. So as a gentleman, I said…OF COURSE. (Her body was incredible, her lips were to die for), I was so used with her being with all the “bo$$eS” and all the cool guys, that any attention towards me would have been great.

So 10 o’clock she comes down to my dorm room in her PJ’s. of course no bra, nipples looking at me and in her sweat pants. I tell her that “American Gangster” is a great movie, I’m curious how it is…so played the movie on my laptop.

After not even 20 minutes in the film, she lies in the bed cuddling in my arms, telling me that she is tired.

So I closed the lid on my laptop and went to sleep with her in my arms and her ass pushing against my groin.


A girl from work had us all drooling after her. She was with a manager there in a relationship, so no one was doing any move.

After a couple of years, the relationship broke, she went away but Facebook kept us talking about different uninteresting stuff. At a point in time as any discussion would,with me, the talk turned into a nice storytelling about sex. So what’s next after a conversation about experiences? She starts explaining to me what, how and where she likes doing it…

Every now and then we’d talk at night about sex and freak experiences. Need to mention that she wasn’t living close to me,not even in the same part of the country.

A holiday break comes, and I go home, my home town was really close to her’s. So one day, I call her up asking what’s she doing?

She invites me to her house and tells me I can come whenever I have time…

I arrive at 12 o’clock  (0:00), she invites me in. She was drinking wine, so we started reminiscing of work and other boring stuff. After a long talk and watching her in her short PJ’s, I tell her that it’s time I leave.

(every time I remember this, I just face-palm instantly) She insists in showing me her bedroom….WHAT DO I DO ? I put my shoes on, and only stick my head in her room, and compliment her on the nice bedding, afterwards I kiss her on the cheek and leave…

NR. 3

Still in University, I was staying at a friends house. So this girl I had a crush since I was in college calls me and tells me she is sad and lonely and if I’d like to keep her company. So knowing she was in a dorm…I tell her that I’ll pick her up and bring her to where I am currently sleeping, cause there was music some chilling and only happiness.

She comes and spends the whole night having a laugh, we (me and my friends sang accompanied by the guitar ) and she was feeling really good.

At a point, she says she is sleepy….so I wouldn’t let her go alone to sleep. So she cuddles up in my arms and I go to sleep.

!!!! O_O !!!!

NR. 4

This is actually one mistake I did so many times, I can’t even remember the number. I call it  “Alone in the dark”

In college I was on a dry spell…when, on a quite evening, when I was playing pool with my (male) friends, SHE calls : “Alex, sorry to disturb you, but it’s dark and I’m alone, can’t you come keep me company? ” I told her that I’ll finish the game and then I’ll be here.  OF COURSE !! My mate’s go : “your going to get some” , I stop them saying that “it’s not like that…”

I get to her place so she is happy and I told her that it’s best that she called me and that I am always there if she needs me. (I know a lot of people who are actually afraid of the dark, they usually called on me to help them get calm)

So we go in her parents bedroom, lie in the bed and start watching TV. after 7 hours, daylight came so I wanted to leave…THIS TIME SHE DIDN’T PERMIT THAT…..BUT 7 freaking hours  :)))

These and many more from : “being alone and it’s dark ” to “sleeping” and “walking in the park at night”  which we all know (NOW :)) ) what it means to :

– Alex, come to my place to teach me how to dance;

– Alex, my boyfriend isn’t here so, come and show me some songs on the guitar;

– Alex, I need some paper to draw on (2 o clock in the night)

These are some of the most used lines on me….and there were more signs, I was informed were hinted at me.

SO THAT’S when I started telling people straight on. Whom ever is reading this or has known me better, has had the pleasure of me asking CLEARLY if they want to have some sexual fun. Why some wordplay isn’t good it’s because it may lead you on in making a huge mistake. I really don’t like moments when you get a vibe and it’s actually not what was expected.

In the face of asking one if they want to have some fun, I’m always up to nice and open discussion. But hinting just makes it awkward and dangerous.

An early Romanian post of mine, discussing some of the same wordplay’s that people use :

Testosterone and linkage to sex.

Have you ever wondered what makes you horny ?  or better yet what makes you lust ?

I was talking to a friend and I was convinced by early studies that the lust of a person (male or female) has a direct connection with the level of testosterone (the T) they have. Actually the issue is that I was not wrongly informed as there is a drug for women Lybrido (a mix of testosterone and sildenafil active ingredient in Viagra) and Lybridos (a mix between testosterone and the antidepressant buspirone) were based on the idea that Testosterone is the main factor to arousal.

A paper recently published in the Archives of Sexual Behavior written by Dr. Sari van Anders, an Assistant Professor at University of Michigan in Psychology and Women’s Studies, examined the link between testosterone and sexual desire in a sample of 105 healthy men and 91 healthy women.
The results ?
– negatively correlated with sexual desire for partner in women;
– testosterone was positively correlated with solitary sexual desire (masturbation);
– testosterone wasn’t significantly related to sexual desire in healthy men;
What does ignite our sexual arousal in women?
testosterone [T], cortisol [C], estradiol [E]
They tested 40 healthy premenopausal women and took samples of their saliva and before and following viewing of erotic stimuli as genital arousal was recorded via a vaginal photo plethysmograph.(Plethysmographs measure changes in volume.

The only method to measure absolute changes in blood volume accurately in the extremities).
Results indicated that all three hormones were associated with self-reported genital arousal (via the Detailed Assessment of Sexual Arousal scales) and sexual desire in different domains, and both T and E were associated with self-reported orgasms.
In men testosterone was know to affect sex drive and in “Libido It’s normal for a man’s sex drive to slowly decline from its peak in his teens and 20s, but libido varies widely between men. What one man might consider a low sex drive, another might not. Also, sex drive changes within each man over time and is affected by stress, sleep, and opportunities for sex. For these reasons, defining a “normal” sex drive is next to impossible. Usually, the man himself identifies a lack of sex drive as a problem. Other times, his partner may consider it to be an issue.”  and researches proved that “low testosterone alone — with no other health problems — accounts for a small minority of men with erectile dysfunction.
About SEXUAL DRIVE and LUST the most relevant information about it was regarding the frequency of self pleasuring. An increase of  T does however increase the solitary sexual desire. Not explained but proven.
If you really want to know more about masturbation, I’ve been explicit enough about the pro’s and con’s in THIS ARTICLE.
But knowing the difference will not explain the need to do it, it is actually a state of mind, a need, a craving. People masturbate in order to fulfill a fantasy which should be brought to life with their life partners or sexual partners.
For a healthy a fulfilling sexual relationship a continuous talk about fantasies and needs should be shared, and for the focus and strong sexual mentality, a person needs to express and explore their sexuality. Some info you may find HERE.

9 Sexual Fetishes

Some of the “what the…” fetishes. I think that after reading this, you are really going to question the reason why is normal not ok.

So an interesting that Tess Baker , a comedian has written this article about 9 sexual fetishes, I’ve never heard about them before, HAVE YOU ?

So let the count start :


1. Objectophilia
Many of us are attached at the hip to our smartphones and tablets, but objectophilia means taking love of objects to a whole new level. Some people believe they’re in monogamous relationships with the objects of their affection, like the woman who married the Eiffel Tower.


2. Autozoophilia
A fetish in which a person is aroused by the notion of seeing themselves as an animal. Now you’ll see foam suit characters at amusement parks in a whole new light.


3. Macrophilia
When it comes to the debate over size, bigger is most definitely better for macrophiliacs, who are turned on by the idea of giants.


4. Infantilism
Many couples are guilty of obnoxious baby talk, but infantilism is on a completely different level. Adults with an infantilism fetish often get off on wearing (and using) diapers.


5. Balloon Fetishism
As suggested by its name, balloon fetishists use balloons as sexual tools and may become aroused by anything from the texture, feel or smell of a balloon. If you thought balloons were just for kids’ parties and the zoo, prepare to have your bubble burst.


6. Agalmatophilia
Those who engage in agalmatophilia are very into the quiet type. They are attracted to, and often maintain relationships with dolls or statues, as evidenced by this compelling photo gallery of men with their dolls (and sometimes their parents too?!) many of whom are anatomically equipped to satisfy all of their lovers’ needs.


7. Hybristophilia
The viral popularity of this summer’s “Hot Convict” (and, more recently, “Hot Convict #2”), may seem like a new phenomenon, but attraction to violent criminals, which is almost exclusively seen in women, is a condition that’s been earning inmates fan mail for years.


8. Kleptolagnia
Wearing a pair of handcuffs is a relatively normal kink, but people with this fetish risk actually getting arrested. They’re aroused by stealing things. In other words, safe sex with a kleptolagniac means using protection and locking up your valuables. Here, a psychiatrist explains how kleptolagnia relates to a similar syndrome, kleptomania.


9. Knismolagnia
Remember “Tickle Me Elmo”? The fuzzy red dolls may have served as erotic toys for knismolagniacs, who are tickled pink by the idea of tickling or being tickled themselves.


Source :  MTV

Orgasmul barbatilor vs orgasmul femeilor

Exista mitul sau mentalitatea asta in care se spune de barbat ca ajunge la orgasm mai repede decat o femeie. Dar cum de nu ne-am pus vreodata intrebarea “de ce” ?

Fiindca trebuie sa o poti analiza din doua perspective foarte clare. Cei doi factori sunt :   factorul intelectual si factorul fizic.

Omul de cand se naste invata si isi formeaza o imagine generala despre genuri si diferentele sexuale pe care le gasim, iar astazi vom vorbi doar de unul din efectele acestor diferente.

Intai luam cazul barbatului. Cunoastem deja faptul ca abilitatea intelectuala a barbatului este concentrata asupra rezolvarii unei probleme. Stiu ca suna putin straniu, dar cei care au mai citit despre diferentele intre barbati si femei sigur au mai citi despre “brain wiring” care in traducere inseamna abilitate intelectuala.

Barbatii sunt “problem solvers” , caracteristica principala fiind analiticul. Nu vorbesc mult, isi interiorizeaza gandurile si de cele mai multe ori vin cu rezolvare pentru orice problema. Ai putea spune ca barbatii sunt simpli, unidirectionali.

Cazul femeilor, evident, diferit complet de sistemul barbatului. Femeia de pe timpuri era vazuta drept culegatoarea si aparatoarea cuibului. Multi taskingul si atentia la detalii caracterizeaza majoritatea femeilor in toate societatile de pe glob. Ea nu se interiorizeaza, folosind limbajul si vorbitul drept canal de recompensare, atasare si intelegere.

Femeile sunt “Nesters, gatherers, protectors”, caracteristica principala fiind sensibilitatea.Vorbesc mult, sunt interesate de numeroase topicuri si in general reflecta emotiile celorlalti atunci cand comunica cu acestia. Femeile sunt total diferite de barbati din cauza complexitatii de legaturi pe care le face creierul lor. Fiind capabile sa fie atente la mai multe lucruri in acelasi timp.

O interesanta filosofie pe care o mentionez si urmez este ca in lume trebuie sa existe echilibru. Nu ar exista nuante daca nu ar exista contraste. Iar femeia si barbatul sunt un contrast armonios. Este echilibrul in care se gaseste viata si frumusetea.

Am mentionat mai sus cateva aspecte definitorii ale aceste doua sexe. Cele anatomice probabil le cunoasteti. Dar intrand in detaliu veti afla un niste informatii interesante utile in a intelege natura omului.

Fizic ambele sexe au organe de reproducere dar nu doar forma si functia lor difera ci si felul cum simtim.

Diferenta este colosala iar dupa ce le voi prezenta, atunci justificarea anumitor comportamente “in pat” va fi usoara si logica.


    Procesul sexului vazut de ambele sexe:


  Sunt cerebrale si sensibile, ele au o atentie distributiva iar creierul lor necesita “incalzire”, un preludiul vast pentru a pune in functiune mai multe “componente”. Fiind un multi task-er, mangaierile si atentia nu trebuie sa fie directionala si pe un singur punct pe corp, reusita consta in stimularea mai multor zone erogene.

Asta duce la o irigare puternica in zona pelviana, ajutand ca aparatul sexual sa fie din ce in ce mai sensibil.

Femeile au un aparat special reproductiv, el are mai multe componente si poate fi stimulat in mai multe feluri (am diverse postari despre aceste metode) dar un factor foarte important de cunoscut este ca organul are de 8 ori mai multe terminatii nervoase iar asta presupune ca placerea sexului este cam de 3 ori mai intensa..

Pe alta parte, vaginul are doar 1/3 sensibil la placere. Ceea ce presupune ca ambitiosii nu duc departe, ci doar ajung la o placere de nivelul 2 din 3, orgasmul fiind al 3 lea.

in comparatie cu


 Revenim asupra faptului ca sunt “result oriented”. Ei vad o problema, si cauta sa o rezolve. Sunt unidirectionali de aceea sunt foarte multi barbati care nu inteleg sau pricep in totalitate necesitatea preludiului. Testosteronul face diferenta cand vine vorba de apetit sexual. Tuturor ne place sexul, dar barbatii prin presiunile chimice specifice sexului barbatesc sunt mai…doritori (sa spunem).

Odata ce un barbat este excitat (ceea ce se poate intampla inainte ca acesta sa fi atins femeia), el are nevoie de foarte putine alte pregatiri. Asta ar putea fi un lucru insensibil si de neinteles pentru o femeie. Dar in mintea lui stie ca rezolvarea amandurora este prin a se duce direct la tinta.

Fizic penisul este in scoala primara cand vine vorba de complexitatea de a-l stimula, nu este foarte sensibil la durere iar nivelul de excitare se poate determina prin fermitate.

Atunci de ce “VERSUS” ??

Luand in considerare informatiile de sus, va voi explica de ce barbatii ajung sau prefera sa ajunga la orgasm mai repede.

Doua motive pentru care cred eu ca ei au aceasta cale prestabilita.

Primul este faptul ca placerea pe termen lung dispare, din cauza mediului iar toti ravnim sa ne simtim bine. Orgasmul fiind cea mai buna parte a sexului.

Fiindca organul feminin este foarte sensibil, placerea de lung metraj aduce mari satisfactii. In general un preludiu bun ajuta ca partida sa fie usoara si placuta iar daca aceasta este placuta, orgasmul vine natural. Femeile sunt orientate mai mult spre durata fiindca “cui nu i-ar placea sa se simta incredibil de bine si sa isi dea ochii peste cap o ora intreaga”. Pentru femei sexul lung nu este bun daca nu este de calitate, dar daca este de calitate, montaigne russ-ul care se opreste intr-o oaza cu apa turcoaza si cascade.

Al doilea motiv este mentalitatea. Daca prima este o restrictie fizica chiar si atunci cand ajungem la orgasm, barbatii obosesc si au nevoie de pauza; femeile izbucnesc intr-o fericire nebuna si pot mai mult si vor iar si iar.

Mentalitatea este cea pe care am prezentat-o prima data. Barbatii se seteaza de cand sunt mici spre un singur rezultat : SA AJUNGA LA ORGASM. Femeile isi iau timp, degusta toata actiunea si pe baza felului cum el s-a comportat va ajunge si la orgasm.

Ca nota de final as vrea sa spun ca motivul pentru care barbatii sunt mai lenesi este ca sunt conditionati chimic si fizic. Iar orice femeie va fi satisfacuta daca stii ce anume o starneste, ce o face pe EA sa fie mai religioasa in pat decat la biserica.

Va multumesc,